Reasons To Become A Psychologist. Pt. 2 Of 2

Every single human being on the Planet Earth has mental problems, has mental disorders and is in great need of coping with this harsh reality and illusion of the third dimension. So as you can see Beloved, as a Psychologist, you have 

more to do than just understand the human Psyche. And please, please I beg of you, do not become one of those Psychologists who just want to give drugs to their patients like Prozac, Ritalin and Dopamine, and then claim that they suffer from these chemical imbalances and that all they need are those drugs for life and they will be able to cope. But never taking the time to truly understand the human mind, the reality they face that is real to them, the ways their behavior affect their Psyche, the ways whatever they believe actually become real to them, the ways that situation and circumstances actually transform their daily lives. And so you must not become one those Psychologists who just want to have a practice to make a lot money by selling all the bad drugs the drug companies are pushing. NO, just do what God created you to do, and use the special gifts, special knowledge, special ways of understanding that most other human beings could never have.. to help all your brothers and sisters.


So these great and awesome reasons are why you must become a Psychologist, and in the process you can also understand how your mind works, how illusion can quickly becomes reality, how whatsoever the human mind and eyes perceive - the body will follow. And by doing your job, by fulfilling your destiny, by applying the gifts that God gave to you to easily understand human behavior like He can, then you can become a legendary Psychologist, not only in the eyes of humans but also in the eyes of the eternal celestial beings. So Become A Psychologist Today, And Make A Difference Helping Your Brothers And Sisters Understand Their Mind, Their Behavior And Then Overcome All Their Psychological Obstacles. James Dazouloute



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