How Often Google Rank Pages

Google is the King of information on the Internet, and so all websites and blog owners are slaves to what Google does to them, as well they are all powerless
Google, Bing and Yahoo have all colluded to....

 to do anything about what they don't like about whatever that Google decides to do. And I know that this is a sad state of affair, especially since the Internet was created to be a place of total freedom, where all people can share all ideas, all pictures, all videos along with all creativity whenever and wherever they wish. And the beautiful thing is that nobody was supposed to control what you say, how you say it and when you say it. And on top of that, the Internet was supposed to allow anyone, from the rich to the homeless, from the PhD candidate to the totally illiterate to present their thoughts and ideas to all their brothers and sisters. And on there, there was never supposed to be any discrimination, any type of favoritism, any type of back door dealings, nor any type of pay as you go to get famous on the internet. 

But Lo and Behold! Google, Bing and Yahoo have all colluded to find ways to control the Internet, to find ways to pollute what was supposed to be the greatest thing that ever took place on earth, the age of wisdom and knowledge. Instead, if you share your ideas on your little website or tiny blog with the world, no one in that world online is going to see it, read it or enjoy it, if Google does not say they can. Why? Because Google controls the search engine, and so when someone from the other side of the world is looking for some unique and unheard of ideas like you are known to have, which is how all Geniuses start their life by the way, and yet that person will never find that little piece of information, or that unique picture or video, because your site or blog is at the very last trillionth page of the Internet. Also because of politics being played by Google. And so I hope you are starting to see just how the system, once again, has been rigged to control you, your thoughts, ideas, pictures and videos. Because they only want the popular sites, the famous blogs. Because you have many sites that do not contribute anything but garbage and re-copied material, and yet because of backlinks they bought, they are at the top of Google search results.

And so how often does Google rank pages of websites or blogs?. Well my friend, it is whenever they feel like it, and whenever they darn well please. And you might ask why does it matter if they rank pages or websites?. Because of what I told you a little while ago, they only want the popular sites, the famous blogs -- according to their rules and regulations which they have established by their own dictatorship. Also you can say well I don't need Google for people to come see my site or blog. And you would be correct to a small extent. Because yes, you can share your thoughts and ideas with people you already know and send them to your site or blog. But what about the person who is in Russia, or Indonesia, or Honduras, or Latvia? Countries you have never visited, and that person you have never met. So how would that person ever find your unique idea, your never-heard-of-before joke? And that is where Google comes in to provide that information to them when they type for it in on Google's search engine, or Yahoo's or Bing's. 

So after all this explanation of political Bs by Google, as well as their immoral and unethical activity to control the Internet, I can tell you that Google usually will rank the pages of a website or blog every 90 days or so, or about 4 times per year. And if you ever want to get ranked by them, you have to find out about paying for SEO experts to make your site or blog number one, paying for Ads from your site or blog, paying for Backlinks from other popular high ranking websites or blogs, paying for social media influencers to mention your site or blog, paying, paying and paying... Are you starting to see a pattern here? And how money, has once again, corrupted the Internet, the last place on earth that was pure to share ideas, thoughts, pictures and videos freely? Also do you see just how powerless you are to connect with your brothers and sisters all around the world through your website or blog that contains a compilation of your great ideas, wonderful thoughts, amazing pictures and jaw dropping videos? All because Google made itself the god of the Internet? So what will you do to stop this technical tyranny Beloved? Your Google Defender, James Dazouloute




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