How Calories And Exercise Work Together

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Calories that you don't need must get burned off right out of you, because if you don't take this drastic step and burn them off, then you will start to gain unwanted weight, you will begin to have short breath, you will start to experience negative health issues. But worst of all, you must be aware that in life there is always the Domino Effect in anything you are involved in, and so when you keep on accumulating too many calories, then comes the weight gain, then comes the high blood pressure, then comes the lack of motivation where you just don't feel like doing nothing except to eat up some more calories. And so you must never allow yourself to fall into the Domino Effect or the Vicious Cycle Beloved, because you have enough problems already in life, and you absolutely do not need any more issues. 

And so this is why today I am sharing with you how Calories and Exercise work together, so you can see what you need to do, as far what kind of activity you need to get involved in if you fall into a certain weight class, and once you get that activity done, then you will see just how many Calories you will have burned away so you can never again fall into that nasty Domino Effect we just talked about. 

All because if not now, when? Especially when for each day that goes by, you will never be that young or that beautiful again, for each hour that goes by you will never get back that hour again so you could try to fix your mistakes, and for each minute that goes by - you will never have that chance again to have exercised during that minute. And so you must take advantage of every minute, every hour and every day that you can by doing something great for your health. Because as you already know, if you have Health - You have everything you need to be a god. But if you are sick, then you are just another diseased dog who is waiting to be put to pasture. So be healthy and stay healthy on your own terms, not with these crazy drugs that these greedy pharmaceutical drug companies are giving you, where if they help you fix one medical problem halfway, then they quickly create 10 worst medical problems. So that once you start to take their drugs, you will never stop needing them. But no, not you Beloved, for you must start to eat just the healthy portion of food that you need, and always exercise more than you eat. So find something to do every hour, like vacuum one hour, take a walk to go visit a friend another hour, then go dancing with your partner in another room for an hour, afterward go canoeing for an extra hour and then... You will always stay healthy by always doing something that you already enjoy. Your Health Advocate, James Dazouloute

Activity90 lb100 lb110 lb120 lb130 lb140 lb150 lb160 lb170 lb180 lb190 lb200 lb220 lb240 lb260 lb280 lb300 lb
Aerobic dancing (low impact)104115127138149161172184195207218230253276299322345
Aerobics step training, 4" step131145160174189203218232247261276290319348377406435
Aerobics, slide training (basic)135150165180195210225240255270285300330360390420450
Backpacking with 10 lb. load162180198216234252270288306324342360396432468504540
Backpacking with 20 lb. load180200220240260280300320340360380400440480520560600
Backpacking with 30 lb. load211235259282306329352376399423446470517564611658705
Basketball (game)198220242264286308330352374396418440484528572616660
Basketball (leisurely, nongame)117130143156169182195208221234247260286312338364390
Bicycling, 10 mph (6 minutes/mile)112125138150162175188200213225237250275300325350375
Bicycling, 13 mph (4.6 minutes/mile)180200220240260280300320340360380400440480520560600
Canoeing, 2.5 mph637077849198105112119126133140154168182196210
Canoeing, 4.0 mph122135149162175189202216230243257270297324351378405
Cross country snow skiing, intense297330363396429462495528561594627660726792858924990
Cross country snow skiing, leisurely140155171186202217232248263279294310341372403434465
Cross country snow skiing, moderate198220242264286308330352374396418440484528572616660
Dancing (noncontact)90100110120130140150160170180190200220240260280300
Dancing (slow)50556066727782889499105110121132143154165
Gardening, moderate819099108117126135144153162171180198216234252270
Golfing (walking, w/o cart)90100110120130140150160170180190200220240260280300
Golfing (with a cart)637077849198105112119126133140154168182196210
Hiking with a 10 lb. load162180198216234252270288306324342360396432468504540
Hiking with a 20 lb. load180200220240260280300320340360380400440480520560600
Hiking with a 30 lb. load211235259282306329352376399423446470517564611658705
Hiking, no load140155171186202217232248263279294310341372403434465
Jogging, 5 mph (12 minutes/mile)167185203222240259278296315333352370407444481518555
Jogging, 6 mph (10 minutes/mile)207230253276299322345368391414437460506552598644690
Ping Pong819099108117126135144153162171180198216234252270
Rowing (leisurely)6875829098105112120128135142150165180195210225
Rowing machine162180198216234252270288306324342360396432468504540
Running, 08 mph (7.5 minutes/mile)274305336366396427458488518549579610671732793854915
Running, 09 mph (6.7 minutes/mile)297330363396429462495528561594627660726792858924990
Running, 10 mph (6 minutes/mile)3153503854204554905255605956306657007708409109801050
Scrubbing the floor126140154168182196210224238252266280308336364392420
Scuba diving171190209228247266285304323342361380418456494532570
Shopping for groceries5460667278849096102108114120132144156168180
Skipping rope257285313342370399428456484513541570627684741798855
Snow shoveling176195215234253273292312332351371390429468507546585
Snow skiing, downhill117130143156169182195208221234247260286312338364390
Stair climber machine144160176192208224240256272288304320352384416448480
Stair climbing126140154168182196210224238252266280308336364392420
Swimming (25 yards/minute)108120132144156168180192204216228240264288312336360
Swimming (50 yards/minute)202225248270292315338360382405428450495540585630675
Table Tennis819099108117126135144153162171180198216234252270
Tennis (doubles)99110121132143154165176187198209220242264286308330
Trimming hedges94105115126136147158168178189199210231252273294315
Volleyball (game)108120132144156168180192204216228240264288312336360
Volleyball (leisurely)637077849198105112119126133140154168182196210
Walking, 2 mph (30 minutes/mile)5460667278849096102108114120132144156168180
Walking, 3 mph (20 minutes/mile)72808896104112120128136144152160176192208224240
Walking, 4 mph (15 minutes/mile)90100110120130140150160170180190200220240260280300
Washing the car6875829098105112120128135142150165180195210225
Water skiing144160176192208224240256272288304320352384416448480
Waxing the car90100110120130140150160170180190200220240260280300
Weight training (40 sec. between sets)230255280306332357382408433459484510561612663714765
Weight training (60 sec. between sets)171190209228247266285304323342361380418456494532570
Weight training (90 sec. between sets)112125138150162175188200213225237250275300325350375
Window cleaning6875829098105112120128135142150165180195210225



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