Fight Depression - By Always Doing This One Thing

Depression is a great Demon that you never want to kick down the door of your life and make itself at home. Because that Depression Demon will never leave your life, and here is a terrible secret, for each day that Depression spends in your life, it grows ten times stronger and attaches itself more and more to your brain cells and even your aura. And then it will become invincible like Superman and you will never be able to exorcise that great Demon and deport its sorry evil butt back to the corner of Hell where it came from. 

And the way you welcome the Demon Depression into your life, is by always look at things the wrong way when they start to happen in your life. Also when you start to cuss at your life for the way it is, when you start to complain about any and every little thing that happens to you without ever giving it a chance to fully develop and see where things go. Additionally, when you are always feeling sorry for yourself and then go do some heavy drinking, and then have great reckless sex and even do heavy illegal drugs because you want the pain of life to go away, you need this type of escapism to forget about your troubles for  a short while. So this is how the Demon Depression gets into your life as you are welcoming it and forcing it to make itself at home. All because You gave it great authority over you, over your life, your situations, your circumstances, your misunderstood troubles. 

So How Do You Fight Depression - By Always Doing This One Thing?
Stay in a good mood, plain and simple. But how do you do that? Well you must first stop playing victim at any and every little thing that happen in your life. In other words, if someone you love happen to die, do not feel like your life is over, or it was your fault, or you are never going to make it alone. Because when you think like that, you are giving the Depression Demon power over you. Instead, you must realize the truth in that you were blessed to have had this great person in your life, to share great moments with you and to help you to become happy every day. And whether that person was a parent, a friend, a brother or sister, a lover... you must realize this and also understand that each person has his or her own destiny, and each one has been assigned a time to be born, a time to die and a time to accomplish great things. And so by understanding all this, then you are instantly in a much better mood because you feel overjoyed by the fact that you have known a great person and he or she is now in a perfect place as a spirit and have returned to their glory home of Heaven. And if they were helping you before, now they have all the powers of the universe to help you even more as a spirit being being in the presence of the Almighty God. And again, knowing this truth and fact, will put you in a mood of joy, of happiness, of being super happy. And Depression will have no hold on you ever. 

Also another way to be in a great mood and beat down the Depression Demon, is to stop looking at yourself as a Victim. And what I mean by that is, don't keep asking why Me for every little thing that occur in your life. Whether you have just lost a job, or lost your car, or been robbed, or a tornado destroyed your house, or a lover has left you. Because you must understand that many times, in order for God and His universe to bless you greatly, or to take you to greatness, something big must happen in your life. Just like when a woman is about to give birth to the next President of the United States, she must first go through labor pain, she must have back pain, she must first have her water broken... But what if she starts to feel sorry for herself, or she starts to say why me and then do everything in her power to not have that baby, or she goes and have an abortion? Then What? I hope you see what I mean and not start to play Victim. But if you really see and believe that all things happen for a  good reason in your life and that reason will soon reveal itself, then you will go through with things. And that will put you in a much greater mood.

So To Fight Depression, do this one thing everyday of your life by always being in a good mood, because you finally realize that Life - God - The Universe do not hate you. They all do things for you to make you super happy and successful in the end, but first they may have to crack an egg to make that great omelette for you. James Dazouloute

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