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Elder Abuse... Why Would You Do This Or Allow It To Happen, To Your Parents? Because You of all people have experienced the worst pain in life, mentally - physically - and emotionally, whenever someone has abused You in any way. Because you were embarrassed, you were hurt, you were mad, you felt victimized, and all that happened during Recess. And then you grew up, and now you have to fight so hard to protect yourself from Abuse, because there is always somebody, whether at work, whether in your love relationship, whether in your Church or even in your social circle, who is always doing their best to abuse, to violate you, to embarrass you, to take advantage of you, to steal from you, and to even laugh at you. So with all this, then You should know all about Abuse, and so if your elderly parents, who gave you life and brought you into this world, are being mistreated, then you should be the first one to take actions.

And Heaven forbid that it would be You, who is the Abuser of your elderly parents. Oh The Abomination! That You would commit to strike your parents, to abuse them, to take advantage of them, to steal all the monies out of their checking account, to leave them in an uncompromising situation like in their own feces or in their urine. And all this will be a horrible condition on your spirit, since you already know that with Karma, what goes around will always comeback around. And so if You are abusing the Elderly, then you too will be abused violently when you become the elderly. And if you are allowing your parents to be in Nursing Home and being abused, then so too will your children do to you when you get to that place. Or maybe a live-in home aide, who you are allowing to abuse the Elderly, then so will it be for you later on. And not to forget that Guardian Angels are watching over them and over you, as well writing down each action taken or not taken. And then of course you have the Universe, that always pay back with heavy interest. 

So For Elder Abuse, Here Are Just A Sample Of 3 Stories To Show You Just How Bad It Is, In Recent News:
--- A West Virginia man was charged with murder for starving his mother to death. The 86 year-old woman, when discovered in her home, had multiple Stage IV bleeding bed sores that were infested with live maggots. Evidence was present that the woman had been forced to lie in a urine and feces-soaked bed. 

--- A 90 year-old Chicago man died from dehydration and elder abuse, according to the Cook County medical examiner. The man was found duct-taped to a living room chair and evidence was present that indicated that a dog leash had been used to bind his legs. 

--- In 2008, a New York City home health aide was found guilty and convicted of endangering the welfare of an incompetent person. Video surveillance provided by the son of an 86 year-old woman with Alzheimer’s disease showed the home health aide pulling the patient away from a chair on which she had been leaning. The home health aide then proceeded to watch television for 20 minutes while leaving the woman face down on the floor. She then dragged the woman across the room by her ankles and left her there for an hour. 

State Long Term Care Ombudsman programs, nationally, investigated approximately 21,000 complaints of abuse, gross neglect, and exploitation on behalf of nursing home and board and care residents in 2003. Physical abuse was the most common type reported. Additional studies have found: 
--- Between one and 2 million Americans over the age of 65 have been injured, exploited, or otherwise mistreated by someone on whom they depended for care or protection. 

--- The frequency of elder abuse prevalence ranged from 2% to 10% in 2004, based on various sampling and survey methods.

--- Data on elder abuse in domestic settings suggest that 1 in 14 incidents, excluding incidents of self-neglect, come to the attention of authorities.  

--- In 2000, estimates put the overall reporting of financial exploitation at only 1 in 25 cases, which suggested that there could have been at least 5 million financial abuse victims each year.  

--- In 2005, it was estimated that for every one case of elder abuse, neglect, exploitation, or self-neglect reported to authorities, about five more go unreported.  

Elder Abuse... Why Would You Do This, Or Allow This To Happen, To Your Parents? So now, I do hope that You see just how Horrible Elder Abuse is... And the ironic part of it all is that You Too will get older real soon. Because every day you are feeling old, every moment that passes another body part of yours is failing you, and every hour you experience a different set of pains.. So it is just a matter of time, before you join the ranks of The Elderly, and so it is a great thing to do to start planting good seeds in the Universe, and have your guardian Angel as your witness that You are doing everything in your power to combat Elder Abuse, wherever you encounter it, whenever your path crosses, and however someone is trying to abuse the Elderly... Your Legal Advocate, James Dazouloute

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