Alien Invasion - Why You Must Be Careful

Aliens have their own agenda and just like human beings, they all come in sheep's clothing. Always remember that and you will be fine with humans and Aliens alike. And when you hear that the Aliens have landed, or that someone is in constant contact with some Benevolent Alien, or the Government tells you that you can trust these Aliens or those Aliens - Don't believe it. Because everybody who pass your way always play nice at first, think about it, your neighbors don't like you but they play nice with you, your co-workers don't like but they get along with you, even your lover sometime don't like you but still find ways to cope with you. And those people know what you are going through and do the same things you do and are just like you, so what makes you think that some Aliens who are millions of years older than you and are conquering Planets would like you?

Another important thing to be aware of is that even Religions have their own Aliens who call themselves God. And you see how much hate they create between human beings who are the same blood, the same race, the same specie, the same travelers on Earth. So please be smart about Aliens, because event the Gods all claim to be almighty and each one promises to punish every person who does not believe in them or obey them, and they even encourage other human beings who believe in them and obey them, to hate others who don't, to have nothing to do with them, and to even kill them whenever they can. So knowing, seeing, experiencing and witnessing all this everyday, why would you trust Aliens when they finally invade and make themselves fully visible to one and all?

And so this is why you must be very careful, this is why you have to take steps to protect yourself from Aliens. Because if you don't then you will soon be wiped off the face of the Earth, and then you will have no legacy to leave behind and nothing great that will echo throughout Eternity. And remember, all Aliens who are superior to you in some aspects of life, just like any human being who becomes a Politician, a king, a president, a minister, a celebrity... all look down on you automatically and also expect you to bow down to them and their every need. So how much abuse do you think the Aliens will do to you when they get here in full force? Your Alien Advisor, James Dazouloute

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