Accredited Colleges - Why You Must Attend Them Only.

You have a spiritual duty to educate yourself, since you are a sentient being from the highest heavens who came down to this 3rd. Physical dimension with a blank memory, so you can start again from scratch, so you can learn all about life all over again and in the process add to your glory, add to your fame in the heavens by the great deeds you will commit while having all kinds of experiences. And in order for you to have these great experiences, good and bad, and be able to make great decisions full of wisdom, you must first go to the best schools in the world and learn all the basics about this life, learn about what others have already done before you, learn what have been discovered, also learn how others who were faced with the same experiences you will face - how they have reacted to them and what each decision has led to. And then you can learn from them, so that you can use what is already there, so you can make great decisions that will affect your legacy, as well be able to contribute to the growth of mankind and to the betterment of your brothers and sisters, thereby enlarging your glory and your fame in the Earth and in the Heavens, and be loved immensely more by God. 

And so again, for all these reasons you must go to school, you must attend higher learning and because of that you must attend Accredited Colleges. Why Accredited Colleges? Because you don't have time to waste time, since God only assigned you a very short amount of time to accomplish all the great things in this life and to contribute greatly to Humanity, thereby enlarging your fame, thereby glorifying God who made all things and who gives all gifts, as well enlarging your glory of improving greatly the lives of your global family. And so this is why you must, at all costs, find the best colleges and then do whatever it takes to attend them. Because you are a very focused individual, also you know that just attending high school is not enough, you must attend higher learning or go to college to get the highest and best education possible. All because you have a goal, you have a purpose within your heart that has been with you ever since you started speaking and you have a destiny of becoming the savior of mankind in many aspects of life, thereby following in the footsteps for your God.

So find Accredited Colleges where you can get a diploma that counts for something, where you can use your education as a platform so you can do what you came here to do. All because you don't want to shame yourself and others, you want to show proof of your certified education to all your peers, so that respect can be established quickly and then you all can join up together in working in collaboration to elevate mankind. James Dazouloute

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