5 Ways Evil Spirits Affect Your Life

Evil Spirits, And The Ways That They Affect Your Life. And believe me Beloved, you are surrounded by as many evil spirits as you are with angels. And this day and age belong to the evil spirits, and they have also been given permission to tempt you in many ways. And if you read the different religious texts, you will find out that there will be a day of great judgment and this is the day that all evil spirits will be sent to the great abyss, or the pits of hell. But until then,what do evil spirits do to mess up all your blessings?.

Well first of all beloved, there are different kinds and levels of evil spirits who attack you. There are some that are only there to suggest things in your mind, and there are those who can possess your body to make you do things ( And you hear of this when people say: I don't know what came over me... ) As well there are other evil spirits who are there to interfere with blessings coming your way. Also important to note, it was only after Adam fell that evil spirits gained permission to attack and tempt you. For example there are the  “ Jinn “ spirits who are mostly mentioned in the Islam religion and who are lower than humans and angels. And it is said that these evil spirits live in caves, graveyards, underground etc. And they were made to bow before Adam, but after the fall they were allowed by Allah to tempt and seduce mankind to stray from Him.

Another example of evil spirits at work in your life are: Incubus and Succubus. And it is said that the incubus were angels who fell because of their lust for human women, and they appear in dreams of women and lie upon them as sexual dreams and sexual nightmares. And the female side of these fallen angels who are now evil spirits are the succubus who appear to men in their dreams and do the same sexual things.

And then another evil spirit who affect your life would be “ Asmodee “ or “ Ashmodi “. And he is known as the spirit who seduced Eve in the garden, and in the hierarchy of evil spirits  he governs 72 legions and answer to  Amoymon. This evil spirit can advise men on how to go around being invisible, and also instruct people about arithmetic, astronomy, geometry, mechanical arts. And he also knows where treasures are kept and guarded.  

Evil Spirits, And The Ways That They Affect Your Life. And beloved you also have “ Beelzebub “ or “  Beelzeboul “ who was mentioned in the writings of King Solomon, and he is a fallen angel whose job is to cause demons to be worshiped in religions, to cause Priests to have abnormal sexual desires. This evil spirit also bring about jealousies, murders and he also creates situations to start wars between nations.

So as you can see beloved, this is just a sample of the billions of evil spirits who are surrounding you daily, and influencing your life as well contributing troubles to you every day. And religions rarely have any real clues about the activities in the  spiritual realm, but they do give you all the basics that you need to survive. They give you the right names of God to call upon when you see that your life is continuously going down a very dark path. And believe me all angels, all evil spirits, all demons, all familiars, all fallen angels and even Satan are all scared of the living God.  Permit me: It's like you have a certified signed letter by the President of the U. S. which gives you unlimited authority over the government agencies. And all you have to do is present that letter to take authority over the F. B. I. , C. I. A. , the Police etc. And so it is with the Kingdom of God, as all beings tremble at the names of the living God, and that is your signed certified letter to use and have them leave you alone. James Dazouloute

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