35 Life Hacks To Close A Sale

If you want to pay your bills, you have to make money. And so you better learn how to make that money by making sales. And even though you might say that your job is modeling, 0r accounting, or just greeting people.., But I must remind you that you are always involved in sales, and that is you are always selling yourself from the moment someone meets you to the time he or she leaves your presence. Also for every step you take in the streets, you are selling your walk, your personality, your way of being... And whether someone approaches you to ask you out, all depend on how you sell yourself. So you better learn about sales, because when it comes to dating, or trying to find a husband or a wife, or looking for a high paying job, you must sell yourself well and you also better learn how to counter any forms of rejections and then you best master how to close that person so you can always get what you want out of him or her. And so to help you today, here are 35 Life Hacks To Close A Sale:
  1. Adjournment Close - give them time to think.
  2. Affordable Close - ensuring people can afford what you are selling.
  3. Alternative Close - offering a limited set of choices.
  4. Artisan Close - show the skill of the designer.
  5. Ask-the-Manager Close - use manager as authority.  
  6. Assumptive Close - acting as if they are ready to decide.
  7. Balance-sheet Close - adding up the pros and the cons.
  8. Best-time Close - emphasize how now is the best time to buy.
  9. Bonus Close - offer delighter to clinch the deal.
  10. Bracket Close - make three offers - with the target in the middle.  
  11. Calculator Close - use calculator to do discount.
  12. Calendar Close - put it in the diary.
  13. Companion Close - sell to the person with them.
  14. Compliment Close - flatter them into submission.
  15. Concession Close - give them a concession in exchange for the close. 
  16. Conditional Close - link closure to resolving objections.
  17. Cost of Ownership Close - compare cost over time with competitors.
  18. Courtship Close - woo them to the close.
  19. Customer-care Close - the Customer Care Manager calls later and re-opens the conversation.
  20. Daily Cost Close - reduce cost to daily amount. 
  21. Demonstration Close - show them the goods.
  22. Diagram Close - Draw a picture that draws them in.
  23. Distraction Close - catch them in a weak moment.
  24. Doubt Close - show you doubt the product and let them disagree.
  25. Economic Close - help them pay less for what they get.  
  26. Embarrassment Close - make not buying embarrassing.
  27. Emotion Close - trigger identified emotions.
  28. Empathy Close - empathize with them, then sell to your new friend.
  29. Empty-offer Close - make them an empty offer that the sale fills.
  30. Exclusivity Close - not everyone can buy this.  
  31. Extra Information Close - give them more info to tip them into closure.
  32. Fire Sale Close - soiled goods, going cheap.
  33. Future Close - close on a future date.
  34. Give-Take Close - give something, then take it away.
  35. Golden Bridge Close - make the only option attractive.  

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