3 Things To Always Do To Live A Happy Life

Because You are just tired of all the frustrations in your life, as well you are so sick of this empty feeling you live with every day. And you just want a happy and fulfilled life, but it seems like every day, you get caught up into situations dealing with people and things, and then at the end of the day, you are left holding the bag of sadness, of no accomplishments, of no desire to want to do more and give more. But for everyone else you deal with, they are as happy as a fat cat in an alley full of fish... And all because you are constantly doing your best to please everybody, and always neglecting what is in your heart and what your needs are. And so today Beloved, I intend to give to You, 3 eternally truthful things or Rules that You must live your life by daily and hourly... And then you will always live a Happy And Fulfilled Life.

How To Live... By Always Doing These 3 Things. 1 - If It Feels Wrong... Don't Do It
And I mean that from the very bottom of my heart, if it feels wrong to you, then don't do it. No matter how many other people are doing it, no matter how much the mainstream media is yelling at you to get involved, and no matter how much pressure you feel from your immediate circle. If It Feels Wrong... You must not get involved. Because God made You for a reason, as well He has a path for you to follow that is very unique. And so many things that others do, you will never find enjoyment in and you will never want to do. Good Or Bad, because they are just not for You. So Live Your Life This Way. 

2nd. Way For How To Live: Always Trust Your Instincts... The First One That Always Come Into Your Heart.
And this one is a Big One. Because every single Day you will be bombarded with decisions that You have to make, and the luxury of not making them is not something you can afford. So whether it is about work, about your love life, about spiritual matters, about your friends, about your car needing repairs, about you needing to lose weight. It does not matter Beloved, Always Trust The First Instincts That Come To You... Because that is You connecting with The Source, and with your Higher Self.. and They do not make mistakes. And they are always itching to help you, but when you don't listen to that first Pure Voice,... Then comes your own mind, your own false logic, and your own very limited understanding. And you have been down that road many times before, where you regretted deeply something you got involved in, when you knew, you just knew right from the start not to do. So Live Your Life This Way. 

How To Live... By Always Doing These 3 Things.- 3rd.: Say Exactly What You Mean... Always.
One of the greatest reason for disappointments, for cheating, for wars, for hate, for troubles, for suspicions, for abuse, for theft, for..... It is because People refuse to communicate their intentions fully and clearly. But Not You, I Know Right?... You must say exactly what You mean, and in the same details that they are laid out in your head. Because people are already bad listeners, and inventive doers, so don't give them room to listen falsely, or be creative with what you didn't ask for or want. Tell them Exactly, what you want, what you need, and what must happen. And then ask them to repeat it to you, so that way when they misstep, or fail to do something for you and with you, then you can set boundaries and discipline them. Then they won't be able to say: I thought, or what I got from our conversations, or I was just trying to please you by doing it my way... You Are Responsible For Your Communications And For Being Clearly Understood, And For Living Your Life. So Live Life This Way... And You Will Know How To Live, A Perfect And Happy Life... Your Happy Life Advocate, James Dazouloute

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