3 Easy Ways To Get Money From Your Biz

Easy Money, is what you wish for deep down in your heart. Not because you are lazy or want something for nothing, but because you are tired of trying each and every thing that are presented to you, and yet fail each and every time. And you just wish that you could be presented with a step by step plan, where once you follow it exactly without any surprises or disasters, and you would get your hands on some easy money. As well you are tired of reading Online and Offline, about all the people who are successful in their businesses, and for one reason or another they seem to have gotten lucky by an unexpected surge in their business, and you wonder where did that come from. Or what are they doing that you are not for some easy money? Well today I intend to share with you 3 easy ways for you to be on your way to some easy money.

First way for some easy money to come to you: Visualization.
Before you started your business Online or Offline, you had to visualize it all. From you talking to some people about it, to you going to check out a building or checking out some Website hosting companies, and to you actually begin altogether. And so it is that you must visualize the money that you want to come into your business, and you really have to believe that you are Co-Creator with God, and that the Universe is there to serve you. And if you read about or listen to all the top successful people they will all tell you that they truly visualized success, or visualized the money coming in. 

And by that I do not mean you wishing for $10,000.00 in your biz this week, and then just hope that it happens, kind of like when you play the Lottery. No, I mean you have to visualize that $10,000.00 in your mind when you are awake and even when you are sleeping you must speak out loud and visualize it. Also you must see and then tell the Universe exactly through what means you want that easy money to come in. And you hear this from Some people who have won the Lottery, they will tell you that they would spend many moments and just picture their favorite set of numbers coming out, and they would even picture the actual Jackpot, additionally they would picture or visualize them on stage holding that big cardboard check. And so you too must do the same thing to have easy money come in.

Second way to be on your way to easy money: Stay Focus On What You Want.
Whether or not you are a Religious person does not really matter to the Universe. For what really matter is you telling the Universe in the sincerest of ways exactly what you want. And if you're a business owner and you are used to having an Assistant, then you know that if you want him or her to do something for you, then you must give out exact details as to what you want, where to go, and how to do it. And it is the same way when you want to get your hands on some easy money, but you must stay focus. Meaning if your Assistant ( The Universe ) do not bring you exactly what you asked for, then you must give out the instructions again and have your Assistant ( The Universe ) try it again. So don't give up, don't get upset, don't get frustrated, don't get depressed and definitely do not Cuss God and His Universe. Because they both are itching to give to you the true desires of your heart.

Third easy way to get easy money from your business: Be Truthful.
Meaning, the Universe will only bring to you what you truly desire the most. Because it can not do anything else, and you have heard that when you are depressed, then it seems that more depression follows. And when one thing goes wrong in your life and you start being negative, then 2 more things go wrong on top of that. All because deep down inside you truly believe and are speaking all the negativity to yourself, then the Universe only follows with what you are saying, feeling and focusing on.

So if you want $10,000.00 in your biz by the end of this week, then you must speak this fully, visualize it from the first $5.00 of sales all the way  to the last $5.00 to make it a full $10,000.00. Afterward fully focus all your attention and all your energy ( Kind of like when you are in deep debts and  you spend all your time worrying about it. So do it in reverse ) on that easy money. And then be truthful deep down in your heart, about what you really want. So don't say with your mouth that you want some easy money like $10,000.00, but in your heart all you do is worry about that rent payment due this week. And you know this to be very true, that 95% of all things that happen in your life, you had nothing to do with. So don't think that tomorrow, it is impossible for you to have  a deep surge in sales and not knowing where it came from.  James Dazouloute

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