29 Ways To Live In Harmony With Mother Nature

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The Earth is yours to enjoy and to appreciate, so start today by practicing some of these suggestions: 

1. Don't paint your house with oil based paints because hydrocarbon fumes will have a field day messing up Mother Nature for years to come. And don't forget that when it's hot, you too will be breathing those nasty fumes

2. Stop overfilling your gas tank and think that you are helping Mother Nature, because when you spill gasoline it releases hydrocarbons and other toxic chemicals in the environment.

3. Don't burn your yard trash because it will aggravate allergies and cause problems for your brothers and sisters, because as you burn there are things like mold spore, soot and other contaminants that are going up in the air.

4. Don't overdo it when it comes to Fertilizer on your lawn, because when that heavy rain comes, guess where all that excess chemical is going? Into the sewers, and then into streams where your county and city get their fresh water sooner than later. 

5. Stop pouring every little thing down the drain, things like lawn products, concentrated cleaning products, waste oil... Because they will all end up into your fresh water source very soon. And then your water company will just run that polluted water from their pipe to yours and assure you of clean drinking water.  

6. Help Mother Nature by always watering your lawn between 5 and 8 A.M. Because that is when the morning dew is doing its job and when you can best help feed your lawn.

7. Stop showering for 30 minutes and letting the water running. Instead just wet yourself, soap up your hair and body. And then turn on the faucet again and rinse off. You will be helping the environment by not wasting so much fresh water.

8. If you really want to help Mother Nature, then recycle - reduce and reuse all items that you can. Because throwing every appliance or other machine outside will only end up in a landfill and lay there for years, and taking up space that Mother Earth could be using to have new grass, flowers, trees, herbs and plants growing.

9. If you have a Mercury Thermometer, replace it. Why? Because Mercury moves up the food chain and will cause you and your kids to suffer horrendous health issues for years to come, and you know what those ailments are called? Cancer this, Cancer that!
10. Help Mother Nature by always buying rechargeable batteries whenever you can. Because once you dispose of a battery in your trash, it goes straight to the landfills killing all the nutrients that Mother Earth has inside her.

And so if you begin to do these 10 things I just mentioned above, then these next 29 pictures are what you will forever enjoy from Mother Nature... SEE How Beautiful And Perfect:

1. Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor.

2. Churnet Valley, Staffordshire.

3. Derbyshire.

4. Exmoor National Park.

5. Buckinghamshire

6. White Tor, Dartmoor.

7. Lud’s Church, Staffordshire.

8. Derwent Moors, Derbyshire.

9. Hardraw Force, Yorkshire Dales.

10. Hardraw Force again.

11. Malham Cove, Yorkshire Dales.

12. White Cliffs, Dover.

13. Wastwater, Lake District.

14. Shropshire Hills.

15. Shropshire Hills again.

16. Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Peninsula.

17. Isle Of Lewis.

18. Windy Cross Corner, Dartmoor.

19. Glen Coe, Highlands.

20. Hertfordshire.

21. St. Brides Bay, Pembrokeshire.

22. The Cornish Coast.

23. Stanage Edge, Peak District.

24. Burbage Valley, Peak District.

25. Lake Boldermere, Surrey.

26. Shropshire.

27. New Forest.

28. The Yewdale Fells, Cumbria.

29. Edale, Derbyshire.

29-ways-to-live-in-harmony-with-mother-nature... SEE:

credit for pictures: http://www.perfect-nature.com/the-29-simple-examples-of-nature-beauty

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