17 Women Who Abandoned Their Babies In Cars

Abandoned Babies - Why Do Parents Leave Their Babies In The Car? Especially since parents are loving and wonderful, no question about it. And the reasons they have Babies is because they want to show outward their great love for one another, they also have Babies in order to continue their bloodline as well follow the commandment of the Creator God to be fruitful and multiply. Additionally, parents have Babies because they want to take care of another person, they need to validate their existence, as well ensure that when they get older the favor of taking care another person is returned. And so this is why when Parents accidentally leave their Babies in the car, they are not to be judged as Evil or Murderers, but get them the help they need. 

Because the Parents are still human beings with flaws, with imperfections and with a lot of problems in their lives. And so they make mistakes, and so they forget to do things, and so they have a hard time coping with life. And you must take the time to realize that all things in life are complicated, and when you are trying to care for another person there are so many things that can go wrong, there are so many mistakes that can be made and there are so many horrible things that can force you to go to jail and be shut in for life. And especially when you are caring for a baby who can't talk, who can't do nothing for him or herself and who can't help you physically. And so the Parents have a hard time with this. 

And I hope that by now you are beginning to see why Parents may accidentally leave their babies in the car, while going to get them some food, while running in a store to do something for them. And they do try their best to take great care of their kids, they do mean well, and they love their babies who look just like them with all their heart. And by mistake they do something stupid. So what can Society do, and how to judge them? All because the little Babies are innocent, are helpless, are so dependent and are so amazingly sweet. So they need all the help they can get, all the protection they can get and all the love they need. 

15 Women Who Abandoned Their Babies In Cars, According To The News Media:


















But what about the single Parent who has made some mistakes, or after being married for a while certain bad things happened, or even a death of one of the spouses occurred and is now single with 2 -3 - 5 kids even? And as you already know, it is hard enough for one person to even take care of his or herself, with all the showering that must be done, with all the manicures, pedicures, hair washing, bathing, eating right, exercising, shopping for the necessities of life, getting an education, seeing a therapist and even going to Church or Mosque to worship God. Now add to the equation another little person, or 3 or 5 that this one adult person must take care of alone. And now that adult has  those Babies in the car and at every stop he or she must get those kids out of the car, must grab their little hands, he or she must watch their every step so they won't fall, must watch over themselves and shop for or do all that have to be done. And now you can see how they can easily end up forgetting something, or forgetting the Babies. But at the end of the day, the Parents are still responsible for the Babies as they can not be responsible for themselves. So what must be done? And what would you suggest after all I have just shared with you? But at the same time, don't the babies need full protection so they won't die in those hot cars? James Dazouloute


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