17 Funny Jokes About Muscles You Will Love

Muscles, sometimes people think when it comes to exercise, the more the better. And nothing could be further from the truth. It is great and wonderful to exercise, but afterward you must give your body the time to recuperate, you must give your body the nutrition it needs to repair all the damages that have been done. But when you continue to abuse your body with 5 hours of intense exercising every single day, because you have become obsessed to being fit in only one area, then you are being Counterproductive. And you will be doing way more harm than good. 30 minutes to 1 hour to activate your metabolism is all that you need. Then the rest of the ways for being healthy will come from eating, resting, relaxing and meditating. Also, You already know all the basics about health, and in that you are aware that your body is made up of 70 percent water. Also you were born of water when your mother's water broke. So why do you want to drink only juice, wine, liquor, protein shakes etc? Why are you fighting your own body when it is screaming out to you for what it needs? WATER. Please I Beg You, give your body water so it can flush out all the toxins within your body, give your body water so it can wash away all the diseases that are building up, and give your body plenty more water so you can stop feeling hungry all the time.

17 Funny Jokes About Muscles You Will Love:


















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You can only control so much in your life, you can only do so much within your powers, you can only solve so many problems, you can only work so many jobs, you can only, you can only... So do realize this and stop stressing over the little and big things in your life, because you already know that the way the Universe works, is, it requires other actions from other people for your life to be complete. And so you can only do what is within your powers. But To Be Happy, it only takes you alone to be happy, because You Know: Nothing has any meaning, except the meaning that you give to it. Just Do It... Just do what you know is right, just do what you have heard all your life, just do all the things I just mentioned above, just do whatever it takes to keep yourself fit. Just do what you have to do to live pain and disease free. Just do the little things for right now, and then they will multiply into big things. Just do what your Doctor tell you, Just do what you read in my Health Book. James Dazouloute


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