16 Green Tea Benefits So You Won't Die

Why You Must Give Green Tea A Chance...

What more does anyone have to teach you about green tea? Because your Grandmother told you to drink green tea, your Mamma begs you to have some green tea every morning, the Chinese teach you all that you need to know about this tea and now even your non-spiritual medical Doctor is encouraging you to drink that tea. So what's the problem? You are just stubborn, that's all. Because you would rather drink wine, beer, tequila, coke, margarita and even a 40 ounce before you would even think about drinking some green tea. But you are the same person who as soon as you are not feeling well, you are telling everyone about your pain, your health issues and your troubles. And you expect for all of them to show you compassion, to offer to go buy you some medicine, to ask you if they can come over to watch over you and you even want the religious folks in your family to pray for you. But all these steps are not necessary, because all you have to is drink some green tea in the morning when you first wake up on an empty stomach, and all kinds of things will go well with you, with your mind, with your body, with your mouth, with your breath etc..

So again, what more needs to be said to you about green tea that you don't already know? But I guess you are one of those who just need constant reminders to get your health and your life together. So this is why today I am sharing with you, again, these 16 great benefits of green tea so you won't die a horrible death, after you have suffered from all types of aches, illnesses, pain, diseases and sorrows. So Here We Go:

Green Tea Benefits:
1. Detoxifies your entire body.
2. Prevents bad breath so when you're around your friends they will have not have to cover their nose.
3. Gives you healthy skin so you could forever look young and have tight skin, especially if you have all these crazy tattoos.
4. Prevents food poisoning from all the silly things you want to try to eat.
5. Green Tea is full of antioxidants to fight all the bad cells that are trying their best to kill all your good cells, just so they could give you Cancer.
6. Prevents dementia
7. Reduces plaque and bacteria in your mouth so your gums won't get infected and then you become toothless.
8. Green Tea helps you to fight Cancer. We already talked about this.  

9. Lowers your bad cholesterol so your Doctor won't have to put you on high blood pressure medicine.
10. Protects you against heart disease.
11. Speeds up your metabolism.
12. Prevents Diabetes, so they won't have to cut off your legs.
13. Green Tea is an antiviral agent and it protects you when all your friends are coughing up on you.
14. Maintains a healthy circulatory system so your blood could flow to all parts of your body.
15. Strengthens tooth enamel
16. Green Tea prevents cavities in your mouth, so when you smile people won't have to look at all your ugly fillings. 

So there you have it Beloved, all that you need to know to be encouraged to start drinking  Green Tea every single morning for the rest of your life. Your Health Advocate, James Dazouloute


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