15 Dangers Of Prescription Drugs Your Pharmacist Should Know

Prescription drugs are everywhere, and your medical Doctors just love to prescribe them to you for any and every little thing that is wrong with you. But why? Because every medical Doctor is coerced by the pharmaceutical drug companies to sell their drugs for them, since they are the world's biggest and most dangerous drug dealers of all time, and they have every legal right to poison you, to murder you and to take all your money. Sad but true, because there is nothing you can do about it. And when I say nothing, well you can argue that all you have to do is to not get sick and you won't have to be forced to take their dangerous prescription drugs, but you would be wrong Beloved, since you have to be vaccinated for any and every little thing, and your children must be vaccinated with their infectious drugs before they can ever start school, and if you are visiting another country the law says you must be vaccinated for your own good and for the profit of the drug companies. 

And the hypocrisy of it all is that the Politicians pass laws to favor the drug companies, also the Doctors promote and push those drugs to the patients during every visit. But the street drug dealers who are selling feel good drugs with the same side effects as the hospital drugs, get arrested. How is that? Because both drugs are bad for you, both have long term side effects that will destroy your body, both are laced with heavily concentrated chemicals that will eat up your insides, and both will get you addicted. But even worse, the prescription drugs have usually 10 or 15 more bad side effects than the street feel good drugs. And at the end of the day, the pharmaceutical drug companies are looked at as Heroes, and they force Pharmacists to go school for at least 8 years to learn  all about their drugs and how many pills to put in a bottle, before they have the right to slowly, and to sometimes quickly murder you. But you have been so conditioned since birth, that you must go to the Doctors of the establishment for any little thing that is wrong with you, that you are afraid to allow your body to cure itself by changing your lifestyle, your diet and your thought patterns. And even sadder, you are even more afraid to allow an Acupuncturist or a Healer, or a Prayer Warrior, or a Herbalist to try their hands at healing your body naturally. And as far as you are concerned, those kind of Doctors are satan worshipers, but the pharmaceutical drug companies and their dangerous prescription drugs are God-Sent??? What are you thinking Beloved? Well to help you gain some clarity, this is why today I am sharing with you these 15 Dangers Of Prescription Drugs You And Your Pharmacist Should Know... So You Could Live. Your Medical Informant, James Dazouloute

















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