13 Ways To Fix Your Relationship

Your relationship is all you have, whether you admit it or not. And if you don't believe that, then you must think back to the last time you were alone and realized it after a long day at work and you came home, but there was no one
13 Ways To Fix Your Relationship... SEE:

 there, no one to talk to, no one to give you a back rub, no one to watch a funny comedy with, no one to cuddle with, no one to kiss on your entire body and whisper sweet nothing in your ear while making you reach a mental climax (One of the strongest type of orgasm by the way!). And so you finally realize that being with someone you like  and want to touch you is the best thing for you, but right now you have a relationship that is not going so well. And you love being with that person, you love the love-making sessions with this sweetheart of yours, you love having a TV buddy, and you love enjoying being lazy together just laying in bed. But now you seem to have a problem, you seem to not be on the same page anymore, and you even seem annoyed in that relationship. What's Wrong? 

Well every couple hits little bumps along the road to relationship bliss, just like some months you experience some conflicts with your co-workers and your boss, and you have to get through it and over it. Or sometimes you and one of your family members are experiencing a little conflict and you two have to work it out and get over it. And so you see, you must begin to look at your relationship issues as something that you two must get through and over. But that will not start until you start to look at yourself, your heart and feelings, your place in the relationship and then also look at what you can do on your part first to begin fixing what is wrong. Because it is way too easy to quickly say that the problem is with your partner and if only he or she would.... No, because you are a Leader, you must lead the two of you into that place of happiness, you must be the one to infect your sweetheart with love, with understanding, with passion, with sexual urges and with needing you badly. So let's see the 13 Quick Ways You Can Fix Your Relationship. Your Relationship Therapist, James Dazouloute

13 Ways To Fix Your Relationship

  1. Stop Keeping score
  2. Make time for each other.
  3. Spice Up The Sex
  4. Stop taking your arguments in public and embarrass each other.
  5. Switch up date-night.
  6. Stop Being so melodramatic.  
    13 Ways To Fix Your Relationship
  7. Create a Bucket List.
  8. Distinguish between road bumps and major problems.
  9. Give and receive.
  10. Make a promise to work on "US" every single day
  11. Appreciate each other.
  12. Decide you have a problem and that you want to confront it.
  13. Stop trying to change your sweetheart.
13 Ways To Fix Your Relationship


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