12 Reasons You Must Become A Health Nut

A HEALTH NUT... Is usually described as someone who is all about Health, all about a Healthy attitude, all about living Healthy, all about doing Healthy things and also carry with them everywhere a Healthy Mind... All for the end result of becoming and staying The Healthiest Individual In The World.

A HEALTH NUT... Is what every one of your friends should be calling you then, a great Health nut you must become, an over - the - top you must have a goal to be daily. And that means your every thought should be about being Healthy, and never about being sick. Since You already know that whatsoever you focus on, will Expand, and this is why those who are sick and who keep on thinking how sick they are only get sicker. But those who are sick and think about getting Healthy, are the ones that their body heal faster and restore them, because they visualize being Healthy, they visualize doing things, they see themselves going to places with their loved ones... And so they become Healthy.

12 Reasons You Must Become A Health Nut, No Matter What It Takes: 

1. It reduces stress and anxiety.

2. It wipes out allergies.

3. It strengthens your heart.

4. It adds years to your life... And life to your years.

5. It strengthens bones.

6. It helps your fertility and It makes you a sex god or goddess

7. It improves self-esteem.

8. It blasts bad fat and boosts good fat.

9. It makes you smarter by helping you to build more brain cells.

10. It gives you an iron-clad immune system.

11. It makes your (future) children smarter (Remember more brain cells?)

12. It will make you win at life, because your energy and aura will be a magnet for people to be drawn to you. Ever see a Bodybuilder and nicely toned woman who works out?

A HEALTH NUT! That is what you must be, starting Today, and do not take No for an answer. Do not let people make you feel bad about being a Health Nut, because the ones who are making you feel bad about being excessive, are the ones who will soon get Cancer, soon be dying with liver disease, soon be suffering from A.I.D.S., soon be living with mental disorders, because they all throw Caution To The Wind and are eating anything, drinking everything, smoking at all times, partying every hour of the day.. and then they will want You to pray for them, walk for them every Saturday, give some money to their Charity or to research. So Do not deviate from reaching every goal of being Healthy every single day of your life. Because You must be a loaner, You must rise to the top, You must be the example that many others want to live by. So Be A Health Nut Today... A Fellow Health Nut, James Dazouloute


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