11 Facts About Jaguars You Must Know

The Jaguar is a fearsome animal right after The Lion and The Tiger, and with good reasons. Since if you cross the path of these great majestic animals, and they see you as great threat, then you have a deadly problem on your hands. And whenever you hear the jaguar named, you automatically shrink a little, since the association that you have made with this fearsome beast is ferocity, and a carnivorous appetite. But there is a greater reason that this fear is in your subconscious mind, and that is because we are all connected, and along with that, Tradition or Folklore tells us that the Jaguar god of the night was the formidable lord of the underworld. And anytime you hear the word Underworld, you already know this has to with Darkness and all kinds of  Death Happenings. 

Also the word Jaguar comes from the Native American word Yaguar, meaning He Who Kills With One Leap. And as you can see the Indians had that definition right, because once The Jaguar leaps at you and gets a hold of you, then you are done for as it's prey. And when it comes to the Big Cats family, you already know that they hate water, and so you may think that if you were to jump in the river, then you are safe. But nothing is further from the truth when it comes to The Jaguar, because this ferocious, yet peaceful animal, will not avoid water and love to swim out after their  prey, and will even go get Fish, Turtles, Small Alligators and of course Deers, Tapirs, livestock on land. And if you were to try to run up on a tree to avoid being devoured, then you are also mistaken because The Jaguar will climb trees to attack it's prey or to set up an ambush.






Now The Jaguar is a mammal and a carnivore, and will usually live for about 20 years. They can reach as much as 350 Lbs., and will hunt animals that weigh as much as 700 Lbs.  So just imagine you come across such a ferocious animal, and it weighs more than you, yet is extremely agile and swift. And of course, let's not forget that The Jaguar will dazzle you with its usually tan orange colors with very distinctive black spots. And you must definitely take the time to admire the seemingly All Black Jaguar also known as Black Panther, ( which makes up about 6% of The Jaguar population ), and which also leaves you with a sense of mystery, of fierceness, and of deadly hard to detect hunter. But the all black color is really just on the surface, because if you were to get close to pet it's fur, then you would see the spots that this specie is known for.

The Jaguar is usually a loner, and loves to mark it's territory with it's own waste or making deep marks on trees with its claws. And when it meets its female counterpart and decides to hook up and mate, they will usually end up with 1-5 cubs who will be totally dependent upon the mother, and they will stay with her for about 2 years.  Also you will find them in dense rainforests and open terrains, and even more importantly, The Jaguar regulates the populations of the animals it hunts. Because Nature must be balanced, and it has a very powerful bite that no other big cats have, even The Lion. Just so it could do it's job, because its teeth can pierce through directly in the skull of animals it bites on.







So as you can see The Jaguar is a very loving yet ferocious animal that is acting perfectly within it's God-Given Nature. And if you are fortunate enough to encounter one, all you have to do is show great respect like The Indians have learned to do, and The Jaguar will become your friend and companion, because you must remember that all animals are still living within their Heavenly Mandate, and knows that Adam was given authority over all of them to care for them, to name them, and to walk with him. And that is why you will see that all animals can be tamed by Man and become his companion. So go ahead and get yourself a Jaguar as a friend, a pet and a companion...   James Dazouloute


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