10 Ways To Prevent Plumbing Problems

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Drains will get clogged up sooner than later, and so you must do whatever you can do to dominate this problem. And the best way to prevent any and all of your drains from getting clogged is to remain vigilant and do weekly inspections. That way, as soon as you notice the water is not going down in a spiral flow, or any kind of drips from your walls, your floors and even your downstairs ceilings, then you can quickly know that you have a problem with your sink drain. Be it the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the bathtub drain etc. And when you encounter a plumbing problem, then you must take action immediately, because water is the most powerful force on earth, because it can be soft and pliable, quiet and calm, but mixed with heat it will scold you, mixed with cold it will scar you, mixed with air it will wash you away. And left all by itself to keep on dripping inside your home and it will eat away at your baseboards, your walls, your roof, your door, your furniture and water will even eat away at your very tough cement floors if you let it sip and sip through them. But nowadays you can easily fix most small leaking problems on your own, because this is the age of the do-it-yourself where you can watch a video on Youtube and see exactly how to fix your plumbing, or go to Lowe's or Home Depot and have an expert there explain to you how to fix most common leaks or clogged drain issues. And when you have done all that you can do, then call a professional plumber after you have shut off the water either at the meter with a key, or by locating your main shut off valve, which is something you should know ahead of time, just like knowing where your electrical panel is located to shut off the entire electrical power inside your home. 

And Now, 10 Ways To Prevent Plumbing Problems:
  1. Turn on water faucets in sinks, showers and tubs, one at a time, to monitor water pressure. And if the pressure is very low and no other faucet is running, then you have a leak somewhere
  2. Remove and clean aerators on faucets and shower heads, because there are a lot of calcium deposits that will end up clogging them after a few months
  3. Cleaning of garbage disposals and water heaters will help you not to have to call a Plumber to come replace them. So just run the garbage disposal and see if everything run through. Also your water heater has a drain faucet at the bottom, just connect a water hose to it that leads to the outside of your home, and then just turn on the faucet in your kitchen sink for about 5 minutes and that will clear away any stale or rusty water from inside the tank, especially if you have been gone on vacation for a month or so.  
  4. Use drain treatment in sinks to maximize flow rate
  5. Open up your clean out caps, and then flush your toilets. And you should see or hear the water flowing freely through the pipe. But if it comes out of the cap, then you have a clogged pipe or drain somewhere. 
  6. Check for running Toilets, because that means you have a plumbing problem with the flapper or the fill valve. 
  7. Check for silent leaks by removing your water meter cover and just look at the needles. If you are not running any water in the house, then all needles should come to a complete stop.  
  8. Listen for dripping sounds at night inside the walls, since that is the best time to hear them.
  9. Look for evidence of a leak along the baseboard of walls near the location of your plumbing fixtures. Because they will stain or you will see plenty of mildew.
  10. Look under vanities and sinks for drips, because those U-Traps will sometimes begin to leak along with the faucet hoses and they may need tightening or a small new o-ring. And that way you can stay ahead of all your regular plumbing problems. Your Plumbing Expert, James Dazouloute


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