10 Secret Tips To Prepare For Tsunami Disasters

Tsunami Information... To Help You Prepare And Survive. Just imagine dear friend, one minute your life is going just great and then the next a one hundred foot wave comes along, and destroys all that you have worked so hard for and it even takes away the lives of your precious loved ones. How would you feel and be able to cope? Yes dear friend, you would have to find a way to cope and to survive. And please do not think that a tsunami will only take place somewhere else and never near you, for that is the first step to ensure your total annihilation.

And what can you do as a global community in order to survive this great disaster of a tsunami?. You have to approach it with the mentality of one for all and all for one. Then You have to start taking all types of threats of a tsunami seriously and quickly evacuate, because there is no way that living in this frail flesh that you can withstand mother nature's wrath. And you also have to help anyone and everyone in their times of need, so that when your day arrives, which is around the corner, then you can reap much more than you have sown. And remember that all life is precious, because sometimes some people can become quite detached when a disaster falls upon a neighbor. But as soon as it is their turn, then they expect all sorts of sympathy and condolences. Which part of this global community will you become dear Friend?.

Also, when a disaster like a tsunami takes place, the very first thing the masses will do is to blame God. But never for one moment consider that the whole of humanity keeps on contributing every day to their own destruction. By the ways the earth is polluted, by the ways all of the oil is being extracted along with all the coals. And just like your body can not do without nutrients, then the earth as a created being as well can not be expected to survive and not fall apart. And then there are the militaries of the world who are constantly trying to use weather as a weapon, like the " H. A. A. R. P. " project. Because in their mind if they can create an earthquake inside an enemy's country, then they would not have to step foot there. But they fail to realize that all of nature is interconnected, as well the world is global and circular. So whatever they do in one place, will only travel and circle the globe. Also do not forget about Fracking.

10 Secret Tips To Prepare For Tsunami Disasters

01. Identify your risks and how easily can you be affected by a Tsunami

02. Sign up for emergency alerts and know how officials will communicate with you during a disaster

03. Have a kit and know how to use it, because your life depends on using what you have to survive

04. Learn emergency skills that can always come in handy

05. Create a Family Disaster Plan (Where you will go, places to take shelter at, foods you will eat, emergency money to have etc...)

06. Practice your disaster survival plan with yourself and then with your loved ones.

07. Build a disaster supply kit for yourself and your family for at home survival and then in your car survival

08. Learn as much as you can about man-made disasters (Chemical spills, terrorist attacks, oil spill, fracking) and natural disasters (Tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes)

09. Learn as much as you can about First Aid and how to stay healthy, because you must stop counting on others to heal your body, when you are the best doctor who knows your body for so many years.

10. Get ready to serve after a disaster, because if you follow these tips, then you will always be alright. And now it is time to help others and be a Hero.


So in closing, for you to survive you must begin to take any small steps necessary. By preparing, by being vigilant, and by staying on top of the weather system along with the actions of the governments of the world. So begin today my friend by looking for places with high ground, begin today by not worrying about material things of this world, because if you have your life and good health, then you will always be able to start over and rebuild. You must survive, James Dazouloute


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