You Are All I Have, Dear God... Spiritual Poem

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Oh my God, if it wasn't for your love, your compassion, your justice, your mercy, your grace, your patience. Then I would have nothing.

You are all I have because Your perfect love, Dear God, have been with me even before I was born in this tent of a body; and yet this Love refuse to depart from me.

I am constantly doing my best to become and stay Your enemy, by refusing to do what I know is right. Nevertheless, Your compassion for me and toward me, make You stay close to me. Yes You are all I have.

you-are-all-i-have-dear-god-spiritual poem

You are all I have to run to, for everyday that great wrongs have been done by my brothers and sisters to me, who are being used as puppets of evil forces. Then You are all I have to give me justice, to turn my wrongs into rights. You are all I have to repay them with Your great wrath and vengeance for me. And You my God, are definitely all I have to collect my tears in a bottle and continuously stay as my best Friend.

Oh my higher – Self, Oh holy Angels, Oh all of creations. I do testify that God, the Great I Am, is all I have. Oh death, oh great abyss, oh miseries and oh sorrows, I deliver you all into the hands of my God. You are all I have.

you-are-all-i-have-dear-god-spiritual poem

Everyday I deserve to die, every hour I deserve punishments, every minute I deserve torments, every second I deserve lashes, and every year I definitely deserve not to have health. Yet because You are all I have, then You show me Great Mercy.

You are all I have and You know this my God. You are all I have, and this is why You shower me with Your grace on top of Your mercy. You my God, allow me to reap where I did not sow. You my God, force others to show me great favor even when they do not want to. And You my God, Surround me with all your Angels, legions and legions of them ( 6000 x 6000 x 6000... ). All because You remember that You are all I have.

you-are-all-i-have-dear-god-spiritual poem

I keep messing  up, I keep promising you I would do right but I only want to do wrong. I keep praying to You, but my heart is not on You at all. I keep plotting against my brothers at work, in the Church, in the streets and in life;  and I am always trying to get ahead by stepping on them. I plot to do evil right in front of Your Holy Face every day, and I even carry on with those evil plans with great pride. And still you remember, that You are all I have, by showing me Patience. Who Am I To Have Your Heart?.

I invite demons in my life. I sing the songs of the world. I drink so much to throw up, and then only to drink again to fill up my stomach. I do so many abominable things that I am ashamed to even repeat them to myself. And everyday that You bless me in any area, I pridefully and quickly squander it. Because I know that You are kind, that You will forgive, that You will show patience, that You will give me mercy. But Then I come to my Spiritual Senses, only to realize that You my God, are all that I have. But You have never forgotten it. I Love You God, You are all I have My Dear Lord! James Dazouloute
you-are-all-i-have-dear-god-spiritual poem


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you-are-all-i-have-dear-god-spiritual poem

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