Why You Should Help People Giving Away Money


To Give Away Money... Is very hard to do, especially when you had to fight for every single dollar you now have in your possession. And it seems as though, along the way there was no one who was willing to help you, and you hit every wall there was. So now that you have a few dollars, or even a few billion dollars why should you give your money away? And what is all this talk about Philanthropy that you keep on hearing about, and they always want you to help the less fortunate? And who made them less fortunate? Well not you, that's for sure.

But today I want to show you that if you give away money, 
It is actually very good for you. Because when you help other people, you are actually increasing your fortune ten fold, since now you do become well known by many, from all the praises that you will be receiving from that person or that group, and that will grow your business in all area. And then there are the Higher Powers whom have set the rules of the Universe, and for each dollar that you give to feed someone else, to cure someone else, to protect the animals, to educate someone else, then that dollar is to be refunded back with interest to you, with another $99.00 or 100 fold. Additionally, the universe lines up other blessings for you as more return of investment from that $1.00 that you gave away, in the form of great health, great favors with the people that you are trying to go in business with, unexplained events where you should be hurt but are very fortunate. 

And on top of that, 
You are storing up your treasures inside the safe of the Almighty King, who have created the tree that made the dollar that you were able to give. So that when you get to His Kingdom in Heaven, He will now reward you with more gifts of Authority, of Blessings, of Joy, and of your own piece of Heaven... All from that one dollar you gave.

And when you give away money, you are in control, 
You are the shot caller, you are influencing lives and you are a way maker. Because you're not waiting for life's situations to force you to give a dollar to someone because you want something from them, but you become Co-Creator with God, in that you are creating a better life through Philanthropy for other people who are less fortunate. And you are marking your legacy, which will echo long after you are gone from this earth, as others will be talking about you and how you gave away one of your precious dollars. 


And now somebody's child was able to go to college, because of that dollar. 
And now somebody's family got something to eat for life after receiving your dollar and bought some seeds, and now they have a great field with abundant crops feeding them. And the same dollar you gave to that person who was dying of Cancer, he or she was able to beat it and have a son who grew up, and because Cancer affected his or her parent, have now made it a life mission to find a cure and then finally found it. And all because of the dollar you gave. A Philanthropist Like You, James Dazouloute


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