Why You Must Love All Animals

Always Love Animals,  because of the Warmth And The Great Joy Of Having Them Living With Us Here On Earth, and because we are all connected. For you
Why You Must Love All Animals... See

 see my Friend, when one is hurt then all are hurt. Animals are an integral part of our society, our culture and even our way of being. Animals love us, respect and fear us; and they also want to share this Earth with us. Animals also warn us when danger or a disaster is imminent and since we lost our connection to Mother Earth, they are the last line of defense for our Survival. They need us for protection, care and Love and we need some of them for food, some of them for protection, and some of them for companionship. 
Why You Must Love All Animals... See

Warmth and great Joy are what Animals bring to us. And without some animals we would perish, for example some animals eat dead carcasses and avoid diseases bearing down on us. Other animals like the bees provide honey for us, and then there are others like the fishes who provide our Omega 3 Fatty acids. Also you have the cows that give us their milk, the chicken that gives us their eggs. The turkeys that feed us on Thanksgiving and even the donkeys that use to pull our loads. So you see dear Friend, we are forever connected with animals depending on one another. For God gave each of his creation a job to do, a place to be and a time to exist. Like Snakes eat mouses to avoid over population, some animals hunt at night for rodents that would destroy us and even the Dinosaurs had a time and place to Exist. 
Why You Must Love All Animals... See

The Warmth And The Great Joy Of Having Them Living With Us Here On Earth and by now you must truly start to recognize the deep connection that we share with Animals. And please do not underestimate the value of their contribution. And here is another fact: Mankind, for all our pompous ways we cannot simply just give birth on our own or even go through half the process alone. But Animals, a female dog for example knows exactly when to come in heat and search for her mate. Then when she is pregnant she knows exactly what to eat from the ground, how to lay and what activities to undertake during the pregnancy. And finally when it is time to give birth, the female dog all by herself start to dig around the ground to build a clean bowl like section for her puppies to come in this world. And at birth she will push out 8 to 16 puppies all on her own, and then she will start to clean up after herself and eliminate all remnants of tissue and blood. Now tell me what female human can give birth to 16 kids all by herself and then have the strength to get up and clean up after herself and bathe all the babies so that the next day it will look like nothing major took Place. WoW!!!.

So in closing, the animals of this world, All Species, are as great as we are if not greater for their connection to and knowledge of the Universe is unequalled. So always show Love And Respect to all the wonderful animals in your life and that are all around you. Your Fellow Animal Lover, James Dazouloute  
Why You Must Love All Animals... See





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