Why You Must Laugh At All Times

Laughter is the best medicine! You have heard this a thousand times and I hate being the repeater of words. But I must sound off on it once more because there is no greater cure for anything that ails you, that troubles you, that worries you, that causes you to be anxious, that makes you nervous and that even makes you want to give up on life completely. Because when you laugh at something, at any and everything, then your whole heart pumps more blood, your brain waves function better, your aura and energetic vibes all shine extremely bright and even your health improves suddenly.

All because when you are laughing you are in such a great mood, a much greater mood that any drug can put you in, and no other activity can do this for you as efficiently. Because at the moment that you start to laugh hard, you automatically forget about your troubles, you stop worrying about your bills and you don't care anymore about all the negative things that are happening to you. And God knows you have so many things happening and worrying you. So this is why you must constantly find reasons to laugh, to make yourself happy, to enjoy this hard life, to live like a Champ. 

So don't worry about things, don't bother to think that you are not going to make it, because you have no authority over life, over destiny and over the universe. Because they all do what they want to do in your life, but, I can guarantee you that they all love you and do any and everything to help you, to protect you, to help you to become a success in life. And you may not believe this since when things start to happen in your life, they usually seem to be going to destroy you. But that is only because you don't give things time to fully develop. Because how many times have you been so, so wrong about things going on with you and in your life, whether it was at your job, in your love relationship, in your health, in your community? And then only later on, when everything came to a head for you to fully realize that this was the best thing that ever happened to you, and that the universe, destiny and life were all doing their very best to help you, to protect you and to show you love. 

So in the meantime, you must keep on laughing, you must look at funny pictures to make you laugh, you must watch videos to help you to be in a great mood, and you must do all the little things that make you wonderfully happy due to laughter. And then you'll be singing like Bob Marley: Don't worry === about a thing, every little thing is going to be alright... James Dazouloute

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