Why You Must Clean Up The Earth To Live

Clean The Earth... But What Is In It For Me? And why should I even get involved? And these are fair and great questions that you should ask, whenever you are being asked to help out. After all you are not the Big Corporations with the huge factories who are constantly burning dirty fuels, dumping toxic waste, creating giant oil spills. All for big profits, all to elect their own Politicians, all to finance campaigns, all to have their corporate Jets, corporate Yachts etc. Because it is only just you and you have little next to nothing, and on top of that you have never done anything to hurt the earth nor were you aware that the earth needed to be cleaned. 

Since, when you look around: You see nothing but green grasses, you see nothing but rain, you see nothing but lakes with fishes in them, you see nothing but forests everywhere, and you see all the trees in your neighborhood alive and kicking. So what do they mean clean the earth, and then having the nerves to ask you to get involved. And you are also sure that anytime they mention the words "Get Involved", they are going to want your little hard earned money, which you barely have any left at the end of the month.

Well dear friend, I must tell you that you are partly right and partly a little off course. Because, You are right that you are not the Greedy and Selfish Corporations who are polluting the earth and the environment. Nor do you own any of these huge factories and machineries that are pumping pollutants into the atmosphere. But, you do not live off the earth like you should, you do not use leaves to wash as soap in it's purest form. You do not use clean plants to brush your teeth. And you do not even use plain water and fresh flowers to mop the floors in your house. Nor do you walk or take your horse and carriage everywhere you go. Also you do not use leaves for deodorants, you do not boil your corn just for today, because you have no refrigerator. And you certainly do not go fishing every day, or go gather up your foods daily. And you use shampoo to wash your hair, you use gasoline to drive your car. And so on, and so on. So you see great friend, although you did not put up the signs to create the Big Corporations, you support them and you use their products everyday. And if they were to cut you off right now from all chemicals, you are so conditioned mentally already, that you would not make it.

And I have to agree with you perfectly, you do see the green grass in your neighborhood. But how much chemical is used to keep it that way. And same for the trees that you see in your neighbor's yard that are producing fruits. Because the earth's soil is so polluted and can not give the nutrients needed for good fruit trees, that your neighbors have to buy a lot of chemicals each year to maintain. And yes you do see the rain coming down. But the rain that you see is not the one in the Bible that comes from the highest Heaven, it is the moisture from all those car emissions, all those factories, all those fossil fuels burning, all those forest fires, all those Airplanes burning jet fuels that are all combined acidically. And then come right back down as Acid Rain, and then killing the trees, killing the grass, killing the fishes in the lakes, killing the plants. And if you were to live off that rain water and drink it every day, then you would have cancer, you would have brain diseases, you would be sick all over just like the plants, the earth and the animals that are drinking it.

So what you have to do to: Clean The Earth... But What Is In It For Me Idea?. You have to start reducing your dependency on so many chemicals that are produced, You have to start learning what the Indians, and the people of old in the Scriptures have been doing. Because they were living longer, healthier and Cancer Free. Also you have to realize that, for each step the earth takes in not producing or giving its resources anymore in certain areas, then that is way less your kids will have, and your grandkids. So where will they get their fresh water, fresh apples, fresh fish, and how would they get fresh ice cream? You tell me. James Dazouloute

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