Why Become A Surgeon

A Surgeon is a person in the medical profession who performs surgery to repair the human body from grave illness to its original state, also performs surgery to improve the human body by repairing grave medical imperfections and who add, replace and or reconstruct certain parts of the body to have it functioning and looking great. And so as you can gather from this statement, Surgeons are life savers, they are God sent, they are miracle workers and they are the great architects in improving greatly the lives of human beings. 

So why become a Surgeon? Basically because you are sick and tired of seeing your brothers and sisters suffering from illnesses, imperfections, accidents and deformities, so you want to help them to be operating at maximum effectiveness. And so Surgeons have a good heart, they are also empath who feel the pain of others, as well Surgeons are perfectionists who want to see the race of Mankind operating at the level of gods who have no medical issues. And this is why you must Become A Surgeon. 

Also by becoming a Surgeon, you are not only helping others to get better physically and mentally, but you are also helping yourself to get better physically, mentally and emotionally as you are learning more and more about the human body and all that it can do, as you are connecting more and more with other human beings as you help each one to feel better - to regain their health and have a great working body so they can go out and accomplish all that they have set out to do. 

Additionally, when you become A Surgeon, you will be glorifying the God who created that body, by helping Him to take care of human beings, by providing relief to their pain and by healing all their imperfections and defilement. Because you already know that every Father and Mother are always the proudest when their sons and daughters follow in their foot steps, and you can imagine just how much more proud God will be when you are becoming more and more like Him everyday with each life you save, with each brother's pain you stop, with each sister's deformity you help to rearrange and with each person who you help to feel a lot better about their health, their body and their entire being. So Become A Surgeon Today And Start To Follow In The Footsteps Of Jesus Christ, And Begin To Heal Others, Begin To Save The Lives Of Your Brothers And Sisters And Begin To Contribute Fully To Your Eternal Legacy.... James Dazouloute

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