What A Pharmacist Should Know About Psoriasis

Psoriasis... Why Is This Disease So Painful Physically And Mentally? Since anytime You look sick on the outside, not only are You in deep physical pain in your body, but People will rub Salt into Your Wounds Psychologically by looking down on You and discriminating against You. And that is just out of Ignorance, since Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin condition that produces red, dry plaques of thickened skin, and you can imagine that anything red on your skin will be painful. The dry flakes and skin scales are thought to result from the rapid proliferation of skin cells that is triggered by abnormal lymphocytes from the blood . Psoriasis commonly affects the skin of the elbows, knees, and scalp.

Some people have such mild psoriasis (small, faint dry skin patches) that they may not even suspect that they have a medical skin condition, so don't always look to fear and brutalize others who have psoriasis, since you may already have it yourself. And Others have very severe psoriasis where virtually their entire body is fully covered with thick, red, scaly skin.

Psoriasis is considered For Now - a non-curable, long-term (chronic) skin condition. It has a variable course, periodically improving and worsening. It is not unusual for psoriasis to spontaneously clear for years and stay in remission. Many people note a worsening of their symptoms in the colder winter months, and that is because your skin tends to dry up much more during the winter months than in the summer months when you have plenty of moisture.

Psoriasis is seen worldwide, in all races, and both sexes... so no bullying of others who are unfortunate and suffer badly from this skin condition. Although psoriasis can be seen in people of any age, from babies to seniors, most commonly patients are first diagnosed in their early adult years, since that is the time that your hormones are fully developing, and many aspects of your physiology are coming to fruition.  

SOME BASIC FACTS ABOUT PSORIASIS Every Pharmacist Should Know Before Dispensing Medications:

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, which can be very painful.

Psoriasis has no known cause, and that is because our so called Scientists refuse to accept certain Divine explanations about our human body and the way it works.

The tendency toward developing psoriasis is inherited in genes, and no one is sure whether that comes from poor nutrition or the heavy effects of the Sun.

Psoriasis is not contagious, and so you can dispel with the myths and legends, and even the fear of the unknown.

Psoriasis gets better and worse spontaneously and can have periodic remissions (clear skin). And just like Cancer that no cure has been found for, it goes in and out of remission.

Psoriasis is controllable with medication, but you must remember that there is always side effects. And sometimes you have to weigh the benefits versus the bad effects that the drugs have.

Psoriasis is currently not curable, and we are hoping that as we explore Nature more and more, we will soon discover a plant or herb that will contain the cure. Since that is where all our medicine comes from, and that is if Mankind stops tearing down all the forests to put up Condominiums and Shopping Malls. Also, there are many promising therapies, including newer biologic drugs, but not the actual ones that we actually need to complete heal us from Psoriasis.

Future research for psoriasis is promising, as long as we keep up the awareness, as well allow explorers to go out into the field and experiment with different plants and herbs.

Psoriasis triggers are not universal, meaning what works for one person may not work for another. And what may cause one person's psoriasis to become active, may not affect another.

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