What Is Death... A Poem

Death is coming for you and then for me sooner than later, so it is best that you understand all about it and begin to prepare for it. And that is why so many people make sure they have Life Insurance, so that when Death comes for them, their family can make all the right arrangements to make sure they can finally rest comfortably, as well take care of all their family needs. And so today I am sharing this poem with you, so you can make sure you have enough life insurance for your final needs and for your loving family. 

What Is Death... A Poem:
What is Death that he has terrorized Humanity for so long? For this filthy beast has assumed much greater power than he has been allowed, and he has usurped his authority. Because all Death was supposed to do, was provide safe passage for the Humans from this world to the next, as one would expect from an airline. Yet he has instead decided to violate his mandate and harassed all of Humanity, bullied the sons and daughters of God, then went on to torment them and their families. Oh Death, Today You Are Exposed Through This Poem!

And if it wasn't for The Christ who saw all these great violations by Death, and decided to put a stop to him by coming down from the highest Heaven and get up on that Great Cross for Humanity, just so He could go down to the very gates of Death and challenge him, and bind him, and put him back in his place of servitude, then all of Humanity would still be lost. Oh Death Where Is Your Sting Now?

For now you are as weak and fragile as a paper tiger, you are back to your place and position of Transporter. You are now living in your calling by ferrying mankind's soul back to where he came from. I am so glad that You have been exposed by The Only Begotten Son Of God, and now you are red with shame, you are dealt a heavy blow, and to make things worst, on Judgment day, you too will be thrown in the Lake Of Fire to burn forever along with your friends the Devil, the Demons and all others. Oh Death why did you have to be so proud and arrogant?

I am now having to write this poem for my brothers and sisters, just so they all can gang up on you as well, and subject you to serve them until Judgment Day. And then they will all reign over you as it was intended from the very beginning when Father Adam was in his perfect self. But he only made a mistake for a little while and he was allowed to be touched and carried by you to the other side, but you too turned wicked, silly with pride, drunk on power, and filled with  illusion of great power and then infected Humanity with it. But no more, for as the mouthpiece and Prophet of God, I expose You for the weakling that you truly are.

What is Death? Reveal your true self as the servant that you were meant to be, and as the abomination that you were meant for, to torture only the fallen Angels. So take your place Death, You silly rabbit, tricks are for kids!!!

Stop bullying the Humans, The Apple Of God' s Eyes. Stop making yourself to be bigger that you actually are. Stop plotting with Tragedy, with Sickness, with Disaster, with Murder, with Accident, with Mistake, and with All The Demons to overtake Mankind. It Will Never Happen, for God gave them Authority over all of you.

So this poem is to remind you My Brother, My sister, that Death is nothing but like the Pilot of an airplane who carries you from one place to another. So when he comes, by whatever pretext, by whatever shape and form, just Say: Death Do Your Servant-Duty And Carry Me Home...  James Dazouloute

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