The 7 Deadly Sins - And What Each One Means

the-7-deadly-sins-and-what-each-one-means --

What Are The 7 Deadly Sins, And What Does Each One Mean For My Spiritual Journey Here Serving God?. Well beloved, these 7 deadly sins are found in all the major religions of this world. And  as you very well know, no religions can hardly ever agree on anything about God; and this is why they are always cutting each other' s throat. And so these sins must without question provide proof to all that God exists, and that there is a place of separation from God called “ Hell “.


And so here they are: Pride, Covetousness, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy, and Sloth. 
As well, the reason why those 7 sins are mentioned in all the scriptures of all the major religions, it is because of how strong they are, and how if you fall into one it will usually grow like weed and multiply into all the other 6.  And to note as well, there are many other sins but just like your 7 major chakras, if one is wrong that will lead to countless others being wrong as well. So today, I will help you explore each one so you can get a firm understanding what each one of those 7 deadly sins mean for you, and how to stay away from each one. So that your spiritual journey here on earth in this physical body, will not be thwarted by mistakes, misunderstandings and ignorance. Which all may hinder your perfect relationship with our God and Creator.

First deadly sin is Pride, originally committed by the Angel Lucifer. 

Pride, false pride that is, will make you feel like you deserve only the best and don't deserve nothing bad to happen to you. Pride will make you look down on all people, and make you find a way to make yourself superior and perfect, just like Hitler and the Nazis did. Pride or bad pride, ( For you can have good pride in serving God and honoring His Name, and you refuse to lower yourself to sins ), will make you not want to forgive. Pride will make you feel that you are way stronger than you actually are.

Second deadly sin is Covetousness, originally committed by the Angel Mammon. 

Covetousness will make you want what is not yours like somebody else' s lover, money, car, house, jewelry, good looks, fame, good health, great spirituality and good heart. Covetousness is envy of all sorts and for every  little thing. You will not be able to control yourself, you will be like a spoiled child and everything ought to be yours, and you will do whatever you can to get it. When that Spirit of Covetousness fall over you, you will hate every gift that somebody else is blessed with, and that will make you super miserable. Know anybody like this?.

Third deadly sin is Lust, originally committed by the Angel Asmodus / Ashmodi. 

Lust, do I really have to share with you about this deadly spirit?. Since our culture all over the world is filled with this spirit. Everything is about lust of the flesh, and everywhere the ideology is: Do whatever you want, do whatever feels good to you in your own eyes.  And this lust sin is married to covetousness as people want everyone they see, whether married or not – occupied or not – gay or straight -  paralyzed or firm – A child or Elderly. This spirit of lust beloved, is spreading  and falling down like acid rain or even a tsunami, and it is touching all.

Fourth deadly sin is Anger, originally committed by the Angel Satan.  
the-7-deadly-sins-and-what-each-one means

Anger spirit will cause you to cuss someone out without giving a second thought. Anger will drive you to murder just because someone steps on your foot. Anger will cause your health to be so bad that you will be hooked on drugs for the rest of your life. And this spirit once he / she falls upon you will become entrenched so deep in your heart that it will be harder to get rid of than all the other ones. Just look at our culture today and see how much swearing there is, and how many murders there are. Do you see how this spirit have free reign?.

Fifth deadly sin is Gluttony, originally committed by the Angel Beelzebub. 
the-7-deadly-sins-and-what-each-one means

Gluttony is the sin of being excessive in anything. For you see this world was designed for all us to be able to live and praise God for His provisions. And that would cover everything from love, warmth, food, cattle, land, water, air etc. And yet, 3 percent of the world population consume 97 percent of the Planet Earth resources, as well get more than their fair share of love, of fame, of health, etc. That sin of gluttony, once it overpowers you it will make you want to have it all and try to take it all. And we see this with Countries and oil, stars with fame, kings with concubines, investors and money. Of course, our culture tells us to get all that you can get and be constantly looking for a fool or someone who is unaware, so you can part them with the little that they have. And so we overeat, over drink, over spend, over use resources, over love and yet we don't over love God as well, but under serve Him.

Sixth deadly sin is Envy, originally committed by the Angel Leviathan. 
the-7-deadly-sins-and-what-each-one means

And beloved this deadly sin of envy seem to have crept up to become part of all of us. For as we are bombarded with electronics and modernized items, we are constantly subject to all aspect of envy. For we envy a supermodel, we envy  a great love between two people, we envy a beautiful gift that someone has. And compared to covetousness, where we will try to get that thing by stealing it or use sneaky ways to get it. But with envy, we will just carry this great void with this great want by always wishing that we had that thing, and we'll demonize that person or thing.

Seventh deadly sin is Sloth, originally committed by the Angel Belphegor. 
the-7-deadly-sins-and-what-each-one means

Sloth beloved is neglecting to feed the mind, or being lazy to do good. Or even slow to fight injustice, to help a brother / sister, slow or neglecting to praise God. And we see this everyday of our lives, people just don't care to do anything good or even give God glory for all their provision. Because people just refuse to find and connect with their higher self, and walk with God. We are forever looking to be comfortable and don't want to dress for God, speak for God, help for God, love for God and even die for God. Even in religions of the world, all seem to want to fill their pocket, but only the spiritual ones are fighting and being active for God's Sake. Which one are you?.

 And I tell you this beloved, learn and remember this as well. Sin will always take you much further than you ever want to go. Sin will rust your heart like a piece of metal and you will never be able to cut it out from within, only control it's spread. And Sin will demand much more than you can ever give now or down to your 3rd. Or 4th. Generation. Unless God helps you and deliver you through His Son, then you are doomed to spend eternity away from God and alone. Or in Hell. James Dazouloute


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