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Congress is running wild, because every time they get a new congressman or congresswoman into their group, they quickly begin to corrupt that person by introducing them to all the different Captains of industry who are always looking for favors. And before you know it, the gifts start to arrive to the office of this congressman or congresswoman and once he or she accepts it, then they are hooked. And after that, every law that is passed is in favor of each Captain of industry and no longer for the people. And those congress people are now the puppets and the hookers, who are doing everything for money so they can get re-elected. And as you are already aware, you have people who have been in congress for 20 years or so, and they keep on getting re-elected easily because they got their funding source lined up by those people they have passed laws for. And so today, you and I must begin to take steps to put a stop to that, and this is why I am asking You to join me and sign this petition to reduce Term Limits For US Congress.


By signing this petition you are agreeing you are the person represented on this form, that you live at the address entered, that you have not previously signed this petition, and that all the information entered is true and valid as of the date of entry.

**Attention Deployed Military Personnel: Please indicate your state of residence when not deployed so your signature can be forwarded to your state legislature upon completion of the petitioning process.

**ATTENTION**Each submission counts as ONE signature on our petition. Do not put multiple names on the submission form. Please submit the form once for EACH person signing the petition.

TO SIGN THE PETITION... GO HERE: http://www.termlimitsforuscongress.com/e-petition.html   

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1) Your personal information never leaves our database during the petitioning process. We will not sell, trade, or distribute your personal information to any outside entity at any time nor for any reason.

Only two people will have access to your personal information; you, upon entering the information, and the Administrator of this site. 

3) All information collected will be certified by the site administrator in front of a Notary Public and signed by the site administrator, to guarantee to the State Legislator that information is in fact true and correct as entered by the individual. This will occur once per state, when sending the final signatures to each state respectively.


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