Reasons Why You Must Push The Envelope Always

PUSHING THE ENVELOPE... And that is exactly what you must do, if you want to move the world to the next level. If you want to do something amazing, if you want to be known for something wonderful even among your enemies. And if you want to be admitted to the Hall Of Fame, then you must push the envelope. And I know you might quickly become negative and say that might mean you'll be going too far in life, but I must tell you my friend, that the world always belong to the risk takers and never the timids. So when you find yourself in any situation, then you push against the very limits of what is appropriate, what is risky, what is new and what hasn't been tried before. Because pushing the envelope means that you are going to the ends of the world without falling off, or you are doing everything within the rules of honor and ethics but you are trying everything that everyone is scared of. 

But you have to know what the limits are when you want to push the envelope because if you go too far and fail, then you will be the laughing stock of your group. For example, if you are racing your friend in a car, and you cut all the corners, and you push the speed limit all the way to the end of the needle, and you jump over a bridge.... But if you end up crashing, then you went too far in pushing the envelope. But if you win the race by a landslide, then you are a hero to everyone because you pushed the envelope and did whatever it takes to win but maintained your honor, your integrity, and demonstrated your genius. 

And this kind of truth also goes for any other area of your life. If you want to be known as the best Lover anyone ever had, then you must push the envelope and do something that no other Lover has ever done. If you want to be the Boss at work, then you must again, push the envelope, not in manipulation or backstabbing, but push the envelope in making things happen, in taking charge and in going the extra mile.

PUSH THE ENVELOPE... When you are dating so you can get to third base, push it when you are starting a new business, push it when you are playing sports and want to be remembered for life, push that envelope when life got you down and you want victory. So push, push and push that envelope when your back is against the wall. And if you want for your life to be a success, then do what must be done, and always look for what no one else is willing to do. Always look for that great strategy that everyone is saying is too hard. Always find something that is explosive, dynamic, trend setting, exceptional and memorable... Then Push The Envelope.... James Dazouloute

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