Mental Illness And What A Psychologist Needs To Know

Mental Illness... Just The Basic Truth That You Need. Because you are just getting so tired of misinformation that is being put out there daily about this type of disorder, and you just need to know all the basic truths about Mental Illness, so that way if it happens to affect you, your loved ones, your friends, co-workers... you can know what to do, where to turn to, and even how to conquer it. And so today, I intend to share all the basics truths you need to know about Mental Illness. To begin with, Mental Illnesses are medical conditions that disrupt a person's thinking , feeling, mood , ability to relate to others, as well as being able to function daily in a normal routine. Which all result in a diminished capacity to cope with all the constant demands of life. 

Here Are A Few Myths And Truths About Mental Illnesses:
Myth: Mental Illness is the result of bad parenting.
Truth: Experts think that Genetic, and other risk factors are the cause.

Myth: Depression is a normal part of the aging process. And it is normal for adults to be depressed, and become lazy or weak.
Truth: Depression has nothing to do with being lazy or weak. It is the result of a change in brain chemistry or brain function

Myth: Schizophrenia means split personality, and there is no way to control it. As well it is often confused with multiple personality disorder.
Truth: Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that affects the ability to think clearly and logically, and some of the symptoms are: Social withdrawal, hallucination, and delusions

Myth: Addiction is a lifestyle choice and show lack of will power. And the people who suffer from addiction are morally weak or bad. 
Truth: Addiction is a disease that usually results from changes in brain chemistry. It has nothing to do with being a "bad" person. 

Myth: Mental Illness can just be willed away. Or you have failed, or you are weak.
Truth: Mental Illness can not be willed away, and ignoring it or someone who suffers from it, does not make it go away.

Some Basic Facts About Mental Illness:
---There are about 58.2 million ambulatory care visits to physician offices, hospital outpatient and emergency departments with mental disorders as their primary diagnosis .
---The average length of stay in a hospital for a mental disorder is 7.5 days. 
---There are about 996,000 nursing home residents with mental disorders. About 66.7% of residents in nursing homes have mental disorders
---In 2009 there were about 36,909 deaths from suicide. There were 12 suicide deaths per 100,000 people in 2009. 
---The most serious conditions affect 10.6 million people. Mental illness is the greatest cause of disability in the U.S. Twice as many Americans have schizophrenia than have HIV/AIDS. By 2020, Major Depressive Illness will be the leading cause of disability in the world for women and children. 

Mental Illness... Just The Basic Truth That You Need. Because Mental Illness is being diagnosed more and more everyday by Psychologists. Now while some say it is because they just keep on naming disorders more and more, and that people have always been those ways. It would be best to realize that we live in a modern society where experiment with strong drugs are daily occurrences, very different lifestyles are now mainstream, the power of technology has rendered many with more dramas than they are accustomed to. And then add to that our food supplies which are heavily chemically enhanced, along with our water supplies filled with Fluorides, and not to forget the air that we breathe nowadays is very toxic due to greenhouse effect, poor emissions and other factors. So when you look at the picture as a whole, then you can see how Mental Illnesses are affecting more and more of the population every single day. So Now You Have The Basic Truths To Consider About Mental Illness, and if ever you don't feel like yourself then place a call to your psychologist, or your therapist and inquire about what you are feeling... Your Health Advocate, James Dazouloute

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