How To Get Your Blessing Easily From God

What Is A Blessing, that everyone keeps talking about that they are getting from God? And if it is so good why is that this "Blessing" thing is hiding from your life, and not making you  as prosperous as ever? Because you need every bit of favor in your life, ever since you have hit the bottom and a bad streak is following you everywhere. Also you are getting so tired of seeing your friends and even your neighbors seemingly have everything going their way, whether it is them getting a great job, or them being able to buy a brand new house in this bad real estate market, or getting a brand new car when you have a lemon that keeps on braking down. And let's not talk about the great health that everyone else seems to have, but for you it is nothing but sickness, disease and pain. So you ask yourself everyday, what is a blessing and how do you get one?

Well Beloved, a blessing is anything in your life that is wonderful that you either asked God for, or came to you unexpectedly. Also there are times when a blessing comes in the form of something bad that happen to you, and at the beginning you think that life could not get any worse, but only later on for that situation to become the best thing that could have happened to you for that period in your life. As well, a blessing can be anything and everything, for it can come in the form of a new dress just at the right time for an important function, or it can be in the form of a long-awaited child, or a you being suddenly healed from a sickness, or a friend who comes along and uplifts you tremendously just when you were deep in the dumpster of life... etc.

So as you can see, a blessing is always right around the corner from you, and it is yours for grab at anytime of your choosing. But the problem is never God who do not want to bless you, it is always you and your negative eyes, mind and speech. For sometimes, you think that you are not entitled because you made a grave mistake and lost the best thing that God had for you. And that could be a house, or a wonderful spouse, or the best job that matched your needs and personality. And then there are times when you see great things happening in your life, and you just do not want to believe that they will last, and so you set your mind up to expect them to go away from you, and soon they actually do, for God through His Universe will send you whatever you truly believe in. Also there is your tongue that is your worst enemy, because it speaks the most negative things ever heard in the mouth of a human being. And so you complain about everything in your life, you bad-mouth every single blessing that comes to you, because you think that nothing good will ever happen to you and for you.

So to get a blessing, you must open-up your heart and remember what God said, that if He did not  hold back His only begotten Son to die for your sins and stupidities, so why would He withhold any tiny physical blessings in your life? NO Beloved, you are the apple of God's eyes and you are very much loved by Him, and so every single second He blesses you with your next breath. Every single minute you receive a blessing from the Holy Angels who are assigned to protect you from your Adversary's troops of demons who want to destroy you. As well you get a blessing every hour that passes and that time has not been cut short for you. And not to forget that you get a blessing every single day that God allows you to open your eyes and get up from your bed. And on top of that, when you pray and then speak the blessings in your life, then you get the job you want, you get the spouse that you have always asked for, you get the car that you needed very much, you get the children from God who is blessing your marriage. And you get the greatest blessing of all, God's Forgiveness and the highly privileged entrance into Heaven to sit in His Throne room and reign alongside Him. James Dazouloute

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