How Do I Love God - A Spiritual Poem

How Do I Love God?.  I love my God simply because He loved me into existence, and that was before I even knew if I would be any good at all with my servitude.  I love God by refusing to acknowledge any other god, no matter how seductive they may be.

I love God enough to refuse to betray His trust and run after the gods of money, the gods of popularity, the gods of pleasure, the gods of fame, the gods of sports, the gods of sex. I love my Eternal God so much that what make Him sad, make me shed tears. And what make Him angry, make me want to turn violent.

I love my Dear God so much that I will not count the ways, because then I would only limit my love to a certain number. Because I adore my God and am ready to become a mirror image of Him, in my speech, in my thoughts, in my actions and in my words.

I am forever calling upon the Holy Angels to join me in worshiping Our God and Creator. And if I am but one voice in the wilderness, then I will shout to the trees that I love God and everything He made. I am here to forget myself at all times, and love my brothers and sisters so that they too can see my love for God, and God's love through me.

My God is the Great Creator, my God is the Great Provider, my God is the Great Giver of Peace, my God is The Most High God, my God is The Great Healer, my God is The Great Forgiver, my God is The Eternal Flame, my God is I Am That I Am, my God is.... my God is...... Never “ A Was “....

I am speechless at how much patience and how much compassion my God Possesses, as well how much mercy and grace that God gives to me daily. And I even am more amazed that God would stop from ruling in the Heavens that He created, and come down to the Planet He gave me to live on, and rescue me. As well as repay all my debts, receive all my punishments and then die for me in my place. I love God So much for having created love.

My God You have never once forsaken me, You never once stop giving me the bread of life, and you never once stop giving commands to Your Holy Angels  to protect and serve me. I am at my best when I proclaim my love by living a holy life, by forgiving all offenses against me. 

I love my God from my spirit to my soul, from my first created day to the end of my journey here. I love God from the praises that I gladly give, to the thankfulness that I speak in my prayers. 

God is love, God is compassion, God is sacrifice, God is mercy, God is  understanding, God is perfection, God is omnipotent, God is Omniscient, God is... God is... There is no other. And I am made in His image and inherit all His traits, and so the essence of God is in me therefore I am Him and He is me.

How Do I Love God... And I am glad that my God gives me the chance  to obey His commands each day, and therefore I demonstrate that I love my God each time that I do His will. James Dazouloute

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