God Is All I Have - Spiritual Poem To God

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Yes My Lord You are the only true God That I have to give me a mission, a purpose and a destiny to come down to earth as a traveler. And then You add everlasting love to me, just so I can love You and serve Your Purpose.  As well Love and serve my brothers, all to Glorify You.

All that I have is found in You my God and from You, when you knitted all my body parts in my mother's womb. Then You Oh God gave to me “ Your breath of Life “, and allowed me to have a name that would define my purpose and destiny here, just like my brother Jacob or Israel.

I do not know what I would do, Oh Perfect God ELOHIM (Creator), if You had not assigned Legions of Angels to protect me all the days of my life. And to help me appreciate even more that You God are all I have, You placed me on the surface of Your Earth and provided all that I would ever need right here.

 God Is All I Have A Spiritual Poem

And so all that I need I find within Your loving presence and loving hands. Because You knew that in this extremely fragile physical frame, I would not be able to stand all the farces and temptations of my adversary Satan. And that I would fall. So again You made sure that Your love would be sufficient long ago, by creating a plan of salvation for me and my Ancestors. Oh I am forever glad that God Is All I have.

My hopes, my dreams, my needs and even all my secret desires are known by You. And so You dispense my blessings at all the right times and right intervals, just so that I could know and remember that You are El SHADDAI ( The All Sufficient One ), The only God Who is all that I have.

My Lord and My God Yeshua (Jesus), if it was not for You I do not know what I would have done against the “ One Third Of Fallen Angels (Billions X Billions X...)“ who have all become my adversaries and enemies. For in Your Holy Name And Blood, I have found all that I would ever need to bind, rebuke and overcome all the wicked Spirits whom I can not see. So if  I don't have You, then who can be all that I have?...

Spiritual Poem To God
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You my Creator and my God are all I have Oh Omnipotent God, for You were able to repay all of my debts to each and every debtor. You alone were able to bear all of the punishments that I deserve, and You alone volunteered Yourself to come Down from Heaven. Only to go Up on the Cross to die in my place, Oh yes God Is All I Have.

Who else can I have besides You Oh my Shepherd of a God?. Since You know me by name and You permit me to know Your call and run to You. Just so I can be protected, just so I can be pardoned, just so I can receive the Gospel ( Good News ), and just so I can be made Heir to a Throne that I am nowhere near worthy of. Oh yes You my God are all I have in my corner, and in my life.

If I have no purpose then I can not exist. If I can't serve then I am to be put aside or discarded. And if I can't love and serve my brothers, then You as my God can not be made known through me. So what good Am I then?. Well I am so Glad that You are all I have, because through You my God I can do all things. Through You my God I can force Angels to serve me like my older brother King Solomon. And through You as well My  Beloved God I have Eternal Life. Also to top it off because God Is all I have, I get to spend Eternity with Him and always in His Presence. WOW! My God, My God, You have never forsaken me because You are All I Have. James Dazouloute

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