Funny Cat That Answers The Phone

Love cats, and of course you do. Cats are so mysterious, and they are so very independent and funny. Cats are also moody and very playful, as well they love to have their cat nap. And believe me dear friend, no other animal will make you feel so not - needed. Because you feed them, you play with them and then the cats expect you to pet as a privilege they afford you.

If you love cats like I do, then you know that no other animals are as funny as they are. They can capture your heart with just one look, and no matter how mad you may get at your cats, all they have to do is put their tiny little paws over their little faces and put their head on the floor. And then you are won over immediately. And of course you know that cats are extremely smart, and us people can never seem to know what they are thinking. But they astonish us every time with their problem solving skills, like answering the phone or climbing walls and even finding great places to hide.

So can your cat answer the phone for you?. Of course it can, I have just shown you how smart cats are. So starting today, begin to train your cat or even better, begin to allow your cat to roam freely around your house. As well, allow your cat to be itself and that means: Curious, moody, lazy, playful, scratcher etc. And did you know that cats have been revered by many cultures for thousands of years?. They are looked at as guardians and protectors of your soul as you travel to the underworld.

Watch Video: This Cat answers the phone and talk to owner... 

So you know you love cats, then you might as well let your little furry friends share their little world with you. They make you laugh so much, and you know that laughter is the best medicine for all ailments. And so the gifts that they give to you daily in your life will never equal the little bit of food and comfort you do provide for your cats. James Dazouloute

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