Easy SEO Tip To Make Money With Google

If you are a website owner, which all of us should be in this day and age since no one is ever going to get rich by working for someone else, then you need to get to know Google. Why? Because creating a website is free with Blogger or Wordpress, and if you want to have your own business name that you own, then you can buy a domain name (Optional). Afterward if you want to host your own business site, then you can pay a monthly hosting fee and have total control (May be necessary down the road). But the one thing that you can not do without as a business owner online, is to just create one page of information or product and then have it sit there for days, months and years. 

And I am telling you this because many will tell you to make money online you just need to get traffic, in other words you just need people to come to your business site and buy every little thing you're selling. But let me ask you my friend, do you already have a million dollars to spend on advertising on the Internet, on the radio, on TV, on campus colleges etc...? Because if you already had that kind of money, then you would not need to start a small business website for free somewhere online, and then only spend $10 per year for a domain name. No, you would be calling Fidelity or Merrill Lynch Brokers, and they would welcome you as a whale customer and be willing to serve your account hand and foot so you can make even more money. But since you don't, then you need all the free help you can get for your business to grow online.

And so the one and only easy tip you need to know about to make money with Google, is just to have new fresh content. Yeah sure, along the way you will need to know about back links, SEO, social media, popularity etc... But the one thing your site needs now and will always needs is Fresh Content. So I don't care if you are in the Information Business, or in the Shoe Selling Business, or in the Etsy Craft Selling Business, or in the Affiliates Business.... Your business site will always need fresh content, fresh new information, fresh new pictures and videos, fresh new products, fresh new little tips and tricks to not only attract new customers, but to also keep the ones you have so they can stay interested to keep on visiting and buying items on your website. 

So again, I tell you my friend, no matter what the so-called experts are telling you, just keep on creating fresh content on your site. Because understand this, Google, Yahoo and Bing, they are all in the information business, meaning when someone is looking for something online (Information, products, services, tips and tricks, advice etc...) then it is Google's, Yahoo's and Bing's job to present the latest information, the most accurate information to that person. And they must present it within 0.2 seconds, and by doing that they can also introduce relevant ads from their business customers that match that information, that product, or that service, or that advice. And that is how they all make their billions and billions of dollars each year. And they are even willing to share that money with you by allowing them to use your website to place ads. (Your site that constantly has freshly updated information, products, service, advice etc...)

So you see my friend, even if you sell shoes on your site (For example), you must post new shoes with new information about them every week and then press "Publish". So that Google, Yahoo and Bing can have new information, pictures, advice, tips and tricks about the latest shoes available for sale on the Internet. And If you can present your site and your information to them just the ways they need you to so they can read it properly, then they will send these people to your website, and then they can buy those shoes that you are selling, and then come back again next time you have some new shoes, and make you more money, and then keep on making you money. All without you having to spend a dime on advertising anywhere. So if you are really serious about making money, then this is the one easy SEO tip you need to make money with Google. Take it or leave it. James Dazouloute

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