Crazy News About How Many Situps This Man Did

Do Sit Ups! Well This Man Did 17000 Straight. And you probably will not believe this since sit ups are kind of hard to do by any amounts greater than 80. But the benefits that you can reap if you do them correctly are astronomical, since your midsection will be looking very impressive with your washboard Abs.  Now of course once you do more than 80 – 100 sit ups, it always appears that your hips start to hurt  a little bit, and what if I was to share with you about a man who had no problem doing many of them at his own leisure. 

Well Allow me to introduce you a Marine Corps Captain, named Wayne E. Rollings. 

For you see fellow sports enthusiast, this Marine believed in being a warrior a hundred percent. Also you know that the Marines have worked up quite a reputation for themselves, as being an elite fighting force. That can be ready for engagement anywhere, for any situation, and to engage any enemy at any moment's notice from their Commanders. And of course the majority of former Marines ( Although once a Marine, always a Marine. Like Yours Truly ), always continue living a fit lifestyle long after their duties for their Country are over with. But anyhow, back on September 13, 1971 at a young age of 30 years old,  Captain Rollings called quite a few witnesses over to the gym on the Military Base, and made a bold claim that he can perform several thousands sit ups without stopping.

And the great Marine Captain laid on a mat on the floor, had someone hold his feet, and the witnesses started the clock. And Captain Wayne E. Rollings started performing the proper sit ups, but everyone thought that he was joking, and they figured that after a couple of hundred repetitions that he would just tire out, and that would be the end of it.  But to the astonishment of everyone who was present, the Marine did not tire out after a couple of hundred sit ups, and kept on performing them properly. And then the amazing thing happened, after 2 hours or so he had already performed well over 4000 sit ups and did not seem tired at all. And then after 4 hours had gone by, some people had to go to the bathroom, while others had to report for duty and even some other ones had to go eat. But Captain Rollings continued on, and then 6 hours had gone by and the Marine refused to stop and had settled into a perfect rhythm, and now his brain had commanded his body to completely ignore pain and discomfort. Because remember the great old saying: Mind Over Matter, well the Marine had mastered this very well from all the extremely harsh trainings that the Marine Corps had put him through.

And after 7 hours and 27 minutes exactly, Marine Captain Wayne E. Rollings finally stopped at 17,000 sit ups. Yes my friend, I wrote the number right, 17000 sit ups. WOW!. Now to you, my fellow sports enthusiast, how many sit ups can you do today?. And just how many sit ups have you ever done at any one time in your life. And what great physical activity have you ever done well in life, and what legacy will you leave behind in this life?. What did you do in your high school days, in your college attendance days, and even in your local gym. Leave me a comment today, and share with me what great physical activity you are the best at, and I promise, if it is true, I will dedicate and write an entire article like this one about you, as well as load it up in Wikipedia. James Dazouloute

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