Check Writing Scams To Watch Out For


You have to write checks to pay your bills, especially if you have a small or large business. And so when the bill comes in the mail, you just place it in your Account Payable file, and then on the day you usually pay your bills and you have good money in your account, then you just write the checks to the companies that you owe. But what happens when you receive a "Bill Due" for a small amount and end up paying it, but you never owed that bill in the first place? Well this is just what happened and is still happening all around the country. And it has now made the news.

There is a new scam going on nationwide, where scammers are targeting businesses and sending them small bills for $75 to $100, telling them that they owe this bill and it is now due as part of their advertisement fees, or a clean up fee, or computer service fee. And the people who work in the Accounting Dept. are just paying these bills, since they don't raise a red flag because they are small bills. But according to estimates, companies have so far written checks for well over $752,000.00 And here is what the postmaster had to say: “The billing department, you know, gets that and they just pay it. They just think, you know, it’s not a large amount of money, you know, it’s not $1000, $1500, so they just go ahead and pay it because they get multiple bills,” explained U.S. Postal Inspector Ryan Brakhage.

 And so far the Postal Inspectors have issued "Cease and Desist" orders in these cases to the address, company and or/person who received these checks. But that's doing little in preventing this type of check writing scam to go on, because they will just use another name and another address and make those bills or invoices look legit. After all it is a number's game, they just send out as many invoices as possible to the Accounts Payable department of large and small businesses, and just waiting to see who will return those bills paid with a check.

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So whether you have a business or you are receiving your bills at home, you must always take a few minutes to check and make sure that you do owe these bills that you are receiving, especially if they are small, since you may not remember them right away. Because scammers are out there and they want your money no matter what, and they will use any and all means necessary to get it. Your Advocate, James Dazouloute


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