Celebrities Before And After Surgery - Why Do They Do It.

Celebrities are Vain, but you already knew that. And so there is nothing that is going to surprise You about what I am going to write about Celebrities and Plastic Surgery. And so why do Celebrities have to have Before And After Surgery? Well once again, because they are Vain, but also because they must keep up their beautiful and shapely figure by any and all means necessary. And I know that as Great a Human Being as you are, you would have loved for the Celebrities to just work out, eat right, drink plenty of clean water and get plenty of beauty sleep, so they can look as beautiful, as in shape, as in great health and as sexy as they possibly could. But you already also know that when you are Vain, you do everything for the now, for the congratulations, for the pleasures of the world, for the applause, for the great looks from others and for the love of fame. And so because of that you don't have time to do things right for your health and for the long run. 

Also, Celebrities have Before And After Surgery, because they are so Vain and so carefree, that they live a dangerous lifestyle by drinking way too much alcohol, by doing so many illegal partying drugs, by always sunbathing to the extreme, by inducing chemicals to look good, by having risky sex to hide their insecurities and their shortcomings. And so for all these reasons and more, Celebrities must partake in plastic surgery, in face surgery, in breasts, buttocks, stomach, arms, legs reconstruction by Plastic Surgeons. But, they never take the time to ask themselves: How will introducing a foreign object or a heavily concentrated piece of plastic or chemical inside my body permanently will affect my body, my mind, my health along with my longevity?

Another question to ask is, does the Plastic Surgeon have an ethical and moral duty toward his or her brothers and sisters, and not to poison them, not to shorten their lives, not to  damage the great bodies that God has created for unique purposes? Or does that Surgeon just say I am only doing what I am told, or I am only giving them what they ask for? Well who can judge but God? In the meantime you must know the true fact that your body is not your own to do with as you please, nor is your health given to you to squander, especially since you were given a purpose to come down to Earth, also you were given a Destiny about great things you must accomplish and this is why your body was created the way it is with all the "what you consider to be" imperfections. And think about all the times that a Celebrity become infamous for a disability, or for a funny looking nose, or some huge breasts, or a funny way of talking or even a sickness they were born with which has brought awareness to millions and in the process have helped so many. Because God works in mysterious ways and nothing or no human body is a mistake, or imperfect or accident. So remember that when you see Celebrities With Before And After Surgery, but more importantly remember that for yourself as you allow other brothers and sisters who are heavily influenced by Evil or Demons to tease you, to tempt you and then to force you to have Before And After Plastic Surgery... James Dazouloute

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