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To begin I must tell You Dear Friend, that God is always the Ultimate Protector through His Holy Angels, His Principalities And Powers. And all things that we do down here to protect ourselves will only be allowed by the Powers that Be, and through luck from the Universe. And now with that said Let us Begin:

Booby Traps are designed to kill or severely injure People or Animals who Trespass in an area that has been protected with defense mechanisms. Booby Traps usually have to have a Bait, and they are engaged when the intruder performs some type of action ( Intentional or Unintentional ), Like: Move a chair, turn a handle, pick - up something, open a door etc. And while we're mentioning Booby Traps, it is important that I differentiate for you the term " Man Traps ", and that type of trap is design solely to catch a person. 


Booby Traps are set up to work as a surprise to whoever encounters them, and because they have no clue as to what is there, then the advantage is on the side of the Trapper. And usually they are very well concealed so they can blend in within the surrounding environment. Like a chair that has a hidden compartment where a knife would pop out, or a safe with a timer to violently close back up. And the very beauty of The Booby Traps is that they usually look harmless and safe to go by or touch, and they usually entice you as well to tempt you to touch, come in or pick up.


They are also set up to stimulate Human behaviors, because by Nature we are curious and we must always investigate the unknown or the pleasing to the eyes. And Booby Traps are usually set up during times of War, after Natural Disaster and during Riots. They intend to pounce and exploit the Habits of thieves, looters, rapists, and other low moral individuals. And the way the owner sets this up is to entice the Intruders by making it look like they are taking candies from a Baby. Like a door slightly cracked open, or no lights around the house and even the widow of a car slightly down with a few dollars on the seat. And Really Dear Friend, it all has to do with the Person values, you should not touch what is not yours or what you didn't get invited to. And that also goes for even in Romantic Relationships where you are invited to your Lover's House. 


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Now with that said, during times of War things are a little different. Because in Love And War it is said that All Is Fair. Case and Point, During the Vietnam War the Vietcong used to use " Spikes or Punji Sticks ". And they were set up under the grass in the field, and when they saw American Soldiers they would just shoot and when the soldiers would dive for cover, then would impale themselves on the Punji Sticks and die of a painful death. But don't feel so bad, because it was both ways. Since the American Military also left beer bottles inside wooden boxes and they wrote " Scotch Whisky " on the outside. But the Vietcong like the liquor, but inside the box there would be an explosive mind and soon as they picked it up and try to open the box, well you can guess the rest.

But I must Warn You that Booby Traps are indiscriminate like Guns. Because they do not know their owner. They will kill you or maim you just as well as the next person, if your forget how to get around them. So be sure you know where they are and if you have loved ones make sure they also know, and also this is why they are usually used during riots, after disasters etc. And legally this is a complex issue, because you are allowed to protect yourself and your assets that you have worked hard for. But they must be clearly trespassing in your home or in your car, meaning they can't just touch the door and get hurt. They have to be clearly inside and rampaging through your stuff or trying to rape or loot. And just like Companies who put up electric fences, they put up many signs warning you, and there is usually a first fence to get through. So do the same, but I would always check with your Private Attorney in your area as to what the Ordinances and Statutes Are, as Each State And City is very different from the Other. So Beware! James Dazouloute
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