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When you hear of Spiritual Warfare, you are thinking of something that takes place in the spirit realm. But at the same time you must ask yourself where do Aliens come from? And that would be in the spirit realm since they are 5th. And 6th. Dimension beings who are shape shifters, who can communicate telepathically, who can create other beings etc.. And so when you think of the Christ and His Father God, you have to ask if they are Aliens who have immense power. Because when Christ was on the cross being crucified for our sins, the Spear Of Longinus was thrusted at His sides, and ever since then the tip of that spear became legendary in its abilities to allow regular men to take over and control the world. And in this day and age, or as the term goes: “ Living In The Last Days “, you definitely need all kind of help in your fight with your spiritual adversary and accuser of sins, Satan. And wouldn't it be nice if on top of all the prayers that you send up to God in the highest heaven, you had something physical in your hands that you could use as well?. Say something like, an item that was part of the Son of the Living God when He was hung on the Cross?.

Well I introduce to you, my fellow spiritual warrior: The Spear Of Longinus Or The Spear Of Destiny, as it called as well. Now supposedly, when the Christ ( The Anointed One. ) was crucified on the cross, and as one of the final acts perpetrated by “ Satan the adversary “ through his human puppets, a spear was lunged at His side by a Centurion named Longinus to make sure He was dead. And as you already know, from the side of the Christ came gushing out blood and water. Meaning blood to repay for your sins and also to cover you, as was done for Israel in Egypt; and water as a symbol of life or renewed life for you, just like when a mother' s water has to break open just before a new baby is born into this world. And then myth has it, that the head of that Spear was broken and was kept after being pulled out from the Christ's Body, and then was passed down from generations to generations. And from high powered member of Churches to other secret religious sects.

Now in  spiritual warfare which is always manifested through physical warfare, it is said that the Spear of Longinus ( Or any and everything that the Christ had ever touched, or ever touched Him ) if held by anyone or any group would make that party invincible, as well experience great Miracles. Because that item touched God, and therefore had powers of God, and you already know that God is Invincible, Unconquerable and Omnipotent. And history has shown that “ Constantine  the Great, first Christian Emperor of Rome whose real name was Charles Martel “, used the Spear of Longinus to drive the Arabs out of France in eighth Century. Then supposedly the spear was passed down to the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa who also conquered all who stood against him.

Also it is said that  Landulf II of Capua, who was a ruler of Sicily in the ninth Century also conquered all of his enemies due to him having had possession of the spear of Longinus. And then of course we have Mr. Adolf Hitler, and it has also been said that he too had possession of the Spear that pierced the Christ's side all throughout the times that he was conquering most of Europe. And it was only when the  allied troops entered Nuremberg, Germany  in April 1945, and they proceeded to gain access to the vault in the Church that Hitler had it kept, and that is when he committed suicide. And Hitler had found out about the Spear of Longinus when he was a young man and visited a museum in Vienna and became obsessed with it, also it is said that Ladulf II of Capua was Hitler's idol and he believed that he was a reincarnation of that ruler.
 Spiritual Warfare, The Spear Of Longinus Would Help You. So you see my fellow spiritual warrior I could go on and on about the Spear, as there many others that history has claimed had used that item that once touched the human body of God's Only Begotten Son. And as I said before, the Spear of Longinus would help you greatly as part of your spiritual warfare down here on earth. Also you need all the help you can get from God 's Angels (Maybe Aliens?) who are invisible to you and who may move in ways that you do not understand, and which may confuse you and then sometimes cause you to be working against God. As well, which would greatly hinder His Holy Spirit from giving orders to help you.  James Dazouloute

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