About Life -- 25 Pictures You Must See

Life is happening all around you, but if you are so busy living out your hallucinations where you think everything is a problem and you are living in fear and anxiety, then you will never take the time to see all the beautiful and wonderful things happening all around you. Also, just because you don't notice things going around you does not mean that there is nothing going on, or that they will never affect you since you don't know about them. Because many have claimed that if they don't believe in something, or in a god, or an event, that they will never affect them, and those are always the idiots, the ignorant and stupid ones who are always falling victim to all events, all disasters, all catastrophes, all happenings. But not You Beloved, because you are the kind of person who is always paying attention, and everything you hear, or see, you give credence to, and you make preparations for. And because you and others are that way, then Life always loves you and is always protecting you no matter what, and everything that was meant to hurt you always turn around for you so you can benefit. 
And it is in that spirit, that I am sharing with you today these 25 pictures about Life that you must see, since every little thing that takes place in the universe will have an impact on your life sooner than later. Also whatsoever is happening on one end of the galaxy, will soon find its way to your doorsteps. And so you have to learn as much as you can about Life, about humanity, about inventions, about objects, about robots, about animals, about love, about spirituality and about you as well. Because they are all interconnected. They are all of the same thread and are all intertwined as a 3 piece cord which is always the spiritual, the illusory (Matrix) and the physical. And so learn all you can, because the more you do, the more flabbergasted you will become about the world and universe around you, also the more you will be able to get ideas to create even more wonderful things that will better humanity and enlarge the universe in a positive way. So I can not beg you any more, nor can I make my point any clearer as to how important it is for you to observe and appreciate all that are going around you, all that your brothers and sisters have invented to make your life better, as well all that the gods have created to enrich you and take care of you so you could glorify them. Learn All You Can, then you can become a full living god since you are made in the image of God and are co-creator with the Source. Your Companion Toward Enlightenment, James Dazouloute

1. Path-Laying Machine

2. The Internal Mechanism of a Watch by Patek Philippe, Considered the Finest Watchmaker in the World

3. Sunset and Eclipse Happening at the Same Time

4. Algodones Sand Dunes Curvy Border Fence in Southern California

5. Perfect Cubes of Pyrite Formed by Mother Nature

6. Bismuth Is a Chemical Element With An Amazing Iridescent Oxide Surface

7. Coins Stacked in Such a Way That They Extend Past the Edge of the Table

8. Melted Glass in a Fire Damaged Building

9. World's Deepest Swimming Pool - 113 Ft. Deep and Holding 600,000 Gallons

10. A Turtle Riding a Jellyfish

11. A Child's Skull Before Losing Baby Teeth

12. Horizontally Spiraled Bricks On a New Restaurant Building

13. Lizard Shed His Entire Face in One Go

14. Intricate Colored Pencil Drawing of a Wave

15. This Eggshell Has More Than 20,000 Holes Drilled in It

16. Sverd i fjell Giant Sword Monument in Norway

17. Present Day Manhattan Versus What It Would Have Looked Like 400 Years Ago

18. Cool Idea for a Bridge

19. This Is What Space Mountain Looks Like With the Lights On

20. Cabbage Geometry

21. Dubai in 1990, Dubai  in 2008

22. The Fukang Meteorite

23. Human Vision (Top) vs. Cat Vision (Bottom)

24. A Cabinet Carved to Look Like a Digital Glitch

25. Grass After a Lightning Strike


Credit: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/33eJYE/86up@qLj:PZhcPuot/tackk.com/amazing-photos


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