7 Ways To Not Get Help From The Universe

7 Ways To Not Get Help From The Universe... SEE These:

And by the ways that you live your life on some days, it is easy to make anyone not love you, even God. And as absurd as this sounds, there are some of you who live a perfect and righteous life in your own eyes, and also think that you are on the right path to God. And yet you are really on a path to destruction. And for those of you who sometimes live in your own world, and who get it wrong by thinking that you are loving God when you really are hating Him, then here are 7 ways that you force God not to love you:

1. Never Pray To God.
     Yes, never ever praise God, or worship Him and even slightly communicate with Him through prayers. After all, what has He done for you lately?. And what do you owe to Him anyway?. And so just because you don't understand His ways, then why should you try to walk in His ways and love, or even have a relationship with Him?.

2. To never have God loves you back, just denounce Him with every chance.
      And I mean with every opportunity, denounce God to all you encounter. Even if you lack understanding of His great love, just shake your fists at the heavens and cuss His name, along with his only begotten Son and His Holy Spirit, with every word that comes out of your mouth. And also tell all who will listen that you reject God in every way, shape or form. And that you exist on your own and are the Captain of your soul.

3. Always do all the wrong things that you know to be right.
      So do give it your all, and by that I mean do slander your brothers and sisters. Do gossip about anyone and everyone. Do take what is not yours every time, because in love and war all is fair. Do murder anyone who comes within your path, and I mean with your mouth, with your gun, with bad intentions, with manipulation and other tricks. After all this is your world, and everyone is just a squirrel. 
7 Ways To Not Get Help From The Universe... SEE These:

4. Love God, but never want Him to love you back, is to never help anyone.
      Never give anyone a glass of water, never help a little child. Never share your knowledge with anybody, and definitely never talk about God in a truthful way. Never help your own family, even your own parents because they all should do for themselves like you do.

5. Never acknowledge anything that happens in your life.
      All because everyday that you get up, you do so according to your own desires. And every night that you lay down is all because you decided it was time. Also, every day that a door opens up for you, just remember that you made it happen all on your own because everyone can see how powerful you are. And when you have just avoided an accident or a bad thing in your life, just pat yourself on the back because you are able to see around all corners, and from all heights.

6. To never have God loves you back, you should never let anyone pray for you.
      And you know that the prayer of a righteous person means a whole lot to God, just like the right person who put in a good word for you in a job to the big Boss can get you in. But, After all what does anyone beside you know about God?. For you were there when the Universe was being created, you were there when the earth was shaped and you definitely will be there when judgment is passed on all souls. Also remember, from within your own power you make things happen each and every day, and from your own strength you have been successful in all you do. And you have never needed anyone, even when you were a 2 days old baby, and so why let anyone pray for you or over you to God?.

7. And the seventh way to never have God loves you back is to never acknowledge the sacrifice of his only begotten Son.
      And really, why do you need anyone to die for you?. You came in this Universe on your own, and you will take your leave on your very own. You are the bright star that will never dim, you are He who made all things. And in your own eyes, just like every criminal, you have never done one wrong thing. So why would you need anyone to step up and accept judgment and punishment in your place?. And why would you want to acknowledge any being who made such a sacrifice?. No beloved, you are without guilt or shame your whole life, and besides that is only for the weak and the dummies.
7 Ways To Not Get Help From The Universe... SEE These:

I share these 7 ways for you to never have God loves you back, all to be sarcastic and to show you how silly and ignorant we all have been at some point in our lives. For each one of us have done and lived one of those 7 things at one time or another, and when we do we are really begging and forcing God not to love us. But as you very well know, God's love is immense and incomprehensible. And He has purposed within himself to love you even when you are unlovable. Because He told you that he loved you while you were yet sinners, and still chose to come and save you.  James Dazouloute

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