7 Tragic Ways Depression Takes Over Lives


Depression is all around you wanting to get the very best of you, and not to make you wiser or more awesome, but to destroy all that you hold dear, all that give meaning to your life and all that will allow you to contribute to Humanity and accomplish what your destiny has set out for you to do. And the perplex part of all this is that you won't see the Spirit Of Depression when it is creeping up on you, when it begins to befriend your mind along with your views about life, nor will you know when it became your best friend - then your master and finally your abuser and destroyer. 

And this is why in all the Religions in the world, you are constantly told to be mindful of your thoughts, especially the conversations you carry with yourself and within you. Because that is where it all begins, this is the root place where the Spirit Of Depression starts to come in at, within your negative thoughts and then inside your emotions about life and the negative meanings you assign to the events that take place in your life. And then hopelessness sets in because you feel as if you are powerless to change things and there is nobody and no god who can understand you and what you are going through to be able to help you. And that is when the Spirit Of Depression is at its strongest, that is when it will begin to fully dominate you and try to kill you at last.


But all it takes Beloved is one quick decision to say enough is enough. And the way that decision can come about when you are in that deep pit of despair and loneliness, is to find a purpose that is bigger than you and your needs. And for some it is their kids, for others their god, even for a few it is the pet in their life that are counting on them for their entire survival. And so you must find that bigger-than-you-purpose to begin speaking to the Depression in your life, you must begin to reclaim your life by fully believing and speaking: I am happy with the least of things that take place in my life. And I am not entitled to things but I am the giver of love, of support and of happiness to myself and to others around me. I am a Catalyst for joy, for encouragement, because I give my smile and my love and they do not depreciate me in any way, shape or form. So you can begin there Beloved.

And even though every person has a different path that they took to fall into Depression, as well each one has his/her own path to evict Depression in their life. The way I have just given you is but just one, and to find more ways that could be yours, just read about others who dealt with the Spirit Of Depression and how they evicted it or arrested it. And then your victory will be at hand, and you too can reclaim your happiness, your joy, your perfection and your awesomeness as the sentient and holy being you are known to be. Your Depression Warrior, James Dazouloute

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And Now, 7 Tragic Ways Depression Takes Over Lives

7 comics below show how dark it can be inside the mind of a depression sufferer and the brave face they feel they have to put on day after day. The comics may be helpful to people who have a loved one suffering from depression and want to try to understand this devastating illness.

1. Kristian Nuggard Shows How Dark Depression Sufferers Feel And The Act They Put On, Pretending Everything Is OK.


2. In The Comic Strip Titled ‘Amatur Therapy’ The Dog And The Rabbit Show The Struggle Between Two Friends Where One Is Suffering From Depression. The Rabbit Can’t Cheer Up And The Dog Can’t Think Of What To Suggest.


3. This Simple Poem From Anythingcomic.Com Shows How Our Four Legged Friends Can Sense Depression And How They Can Sometimes Help A Depression Suffer Fell Just A Tiny Bit Better


4. Another Comic From Kritian Nuggard Shows That Being Given Medication Doesn’t Necessarily Make Dark Thoughts Disappear.optipess-comics-depression-pill-1627988

5. This Depression Comic From Robot Hugs Has Become Popular On Social Media Over The Last Year. It Shows The Type Of Support A Depression Sufferer Needs.


6. Sylvie Reuter Shows Us How Any Mental Illness Can Slowly Creep Up On You And Take Hold Of You.N1Rim3Q

7. This Comic Shows What Depression Can Feel Like But Also Shows That There Is Still Hope, That Love Can Help And It Is There, In The Form Of Your Family And Friends.


credit: http://www.blog.relationshipsurgery.com/comics-on-depression

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