7 Of God Names You Must Benefit From


What Is God Name? Here Are 7 Of His Many Names  To Use To Have Angels Serve You. And Beloved, God is so Perfect, so Awesome, so Omniscient, so Omnipotent, so Magnanimous, so Creative, so Dynamic, so Forgiving, so Merciful, so Gracious, so Fantastic, so Grandiose, so Loving, so Terrific, so Wrathful, so Vengeful, and so on and so on. God Goes by many Infinite and Eternal names, and all because each name carries power, authority and the meaning of life. 

And the angels do not help you, protect you and serve you because you deserve it, or even because you desire it. No beloved, the angels serve you because of the authority of God's many names. And as the elect or the chosen of God who was created in his image, and are the sons and daughters of God, you are in fact little gods yourself as stated in the holy scriptures. And with that title that you carry, each time you invoke the name of God in a particular situation and ask the angels to come help you, then they must obey. Because each of God's Name that you invoke is like you carrying an executive order signed by the President and you walk into the F. B. I. And demand something, and the F. B. I. Director has to obey you within the meaning and direction of the letter. So I hope that within this simple context you can begin to understand the awesome power of each of God's Name, and this is also why you are commanded not to take God's name in vain. So let us begin:

First of many of God's Names is “ Elohim “.
Elohim means the Creator. He who created everything seen and unseen, known and unknown, weak and powerful.  And God loves you so much that He has created you in His image, meaning He has given to you the same power to create life, buildings, automobiles,  boats, churches and anything else your heart desires. And all He wants, is for you to give Him thanks and recognize that He gave you this power. So when you need help to create a job, a home,  a car, a love for yourself; then you must invoke the name “ Elohim “ and ask the angels to come and assist you.

Second name of God is “  El Roi “.
El Roi means the God who sees. Yes beloved, He sees all your trouble along with all the wrongs that have been done to you. God also sees all the good that you do, along with all your good intentions. And that is why He says that He is Omnipresent, and His face is upon all His creations and He is everywhere at all times. So remember this in your times of trials and tribulations, that the Great God El Roi sees everything, and He has promised that He will never leave you or forsake you. As well, important to note that the watchers, or the angels assigned to watch over you do see all things that you go through as well. So invoke that Name of God when you feel all alone and ask for assistance.

Third of God's many Names is Adonai.
Adonai means The Lord Or The Master. And this name means He is the Lord and Master of all that is seen and unseen and of every being. He is the Master of your life, of your affairs, of your destiny, of your dreams and of all else that you are and go through. And remember that God never sleeps, or slumber on His Throne in the highest of all the heavens. So nothing gets by Him, as He filters  through everything that goes on. And it would serve you well to call upon the powerful Name of Adonai and relinquish all your troubles to Him, since He is the Lord and Master of all and ask the angels to come assist you in your troubles because of that Name. And one last thing about this, God's kingdom is a hierarchy and He places government and people in charge of others. And this is why you have heard others call other people my lord, or master;  or the women call their husbands master. For God is the one who ordains authority, whether you like it or not and even whether you understand it or not. For remember Moses in the bible, God placed him in charge and many times the people didn't think he was worthy to be listened to or to be called lord. And each and every time God punished the people greatly, and He even punished Miriam, Moses's Sister, after she spoke out against him. So next time you slander or murder the name of the people who  God places over you, best to think twice and don't think that God will always place a leader over you that you totally agree with. You are to obey your leader or lord or master as long as they are not disobeying God's Word.

Fourth Name of God is Jehovah – Jireh.
 Jehovah – Jireh means the Lord will provide. And if you read the scriptures there are at least 50 occasions where God has constantly provided for His people and anyone who believed in Him. So I implore you beloved,  to please call upon the Name Jehovah – Jireh  and expect His angels to come and provide for you in your times of need. When there is no other way you can try, just call upon That Great Name.

Fifth Great and Perfect Name of God is Jehovah – Nissi.
And Jehovah – Nissi means The Lord My Banner. In a context for you to understand, just think of each company that has their logo, and everyone has come to know them by their banner or logo. Or just like the U. S. A. and the statue of lady liberty, or the American Eagle they have come to be known as the banner or logo of the U. S.. And so what God gives to you within this Powerful Name, is that in your times of attacks and of deep troubles, you must invoke the Name of Jehovah – Nissi, so that all demons, all principalities and power along with all human puppets can tremble, for The Lord is Your Banner and He Goes In front  of you to protect and fight for you. And no being wants  part of God's Wrath.

Sixth Name of God is Jehovah – Shalom.
Jehovah – Shalom means The Lord Is Peace. Now you very well know that during your journey here as a spirit being traveling here on earth, you experience tsunamis in your life.  You have constant disturbance in your life and mind, you are forever anxious about life. And yet God told you in the scriptures to be still and know that He is God. So invoke that gentle Name of God: Jehovah – Shalom and ask for assistance so the angels can come and quiet the storms in your life.

Seventh Name of the Perfect God is: Jehovah – Raah.
And Jehovah – Raah means The Lord Is My Shepherd. And just like the scriptures state, the Lord is my  Shepherd and You shall not want. And why?. Well beloved, it is all because a Shepherd takes care of His sheep in every way. He feeds them, He leads them to water, He gives them a safe place to sleep, He protects them, He moves them from destination to destination and He ensures they grow and multiply. And isn't all this what God has been doing in your life, day in day out?. So do invoke that Name of Jehovah – Raah every day of your life, and see how God's angels will come and make ways for you. And all that you have to do is walk in them and prosper in all area, so then you can give to God all the glory. 

Wow!. I must come down this spiritual high that I am on with you beloved. Okay, now do you remember in the scriptures that when the centurions came to arrest Jesus Of Nazareth, the Only Begotten Son of The Living God, and each time they called out His name they all fell backwards ( John 18: 5 – 6 ) For that Name is so powerful. So ask yourself beloved, what's in a name?. For even as sinners, I must ask you what is in  the name of Hitler, of Dr. King,  of Moses and of Adam?. Because each of those names mean something to you, so how much more Formidable and Dynamic should the Names Of God Mean to You?. James Dazouloute

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