7 Mother Teresa Quotes To Help Your Faith

Who Is Mother Teresa? Read 7 Mother Teresa Quotes To Help Your Faith. Because You hear a lot about this wonderfully blessed woman who cared so much about the poor little children in India, and that usually sums it all up for you about Mother Teresa. But you have to go beyond that and ask: What was her real name, where was she really from, and did she ever say anything that had great spiritual wisdom?

Because in order for you to move forward in any areas of your life, then you have to increase your knowledge along with your experience. And those 2 things do not always have to come from you, since you can learn from others, you can experience what others have, and you can definitely grow from the wisdom of others. So today, I will share with you a little bit about the great human being who once lived, and who carried many titles, including: Female, Albanian, Nun, Teacher, Lover Of Humanity, Writer, Philosopher, Servant Of The Living God... Among many.

Mother Teresa was born in the country of Albania in 1910, under the name: Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. And at 18 years old she left home to join the Convent: Sisters of Loreto in Rathfarnham, Ireland. Also she finally made the spiritual decision to devote her life to the Only Begotten Son Of The Living God, Christ. By taking her vows as a Nun in 1931, and chose the name Teresa – to honor the Saints:Therese of Lisieux and Teresa of Avila. 

And here are some of her great Spiritual Sayings to apply in your life while serving God, and forgetting yourself, your pride, your wants and your needs: 

1. Speak as little as possible about yourself. 
Because Christ should be the focus of your life, as well your life's work should speak for itself. And speak only to give all the Glory to God who will speak for you through blessing, wisdom and understanding. As well Raise you up in front of others.

2. Keep busy with your own affairs and not those of others. 
Meaning, stop being a nosy Christian or a nosy servant to Your God. Because God is in charge of all, and He Has Angels assigned to each person to keep up with them and their affairs. So you just need to do what was ordained to you. If you're a Writer, just write. If you're a Singer, just sing. If you are a Construction Worker, just build. 

3. Avoid curiosity. 
And although there is a human joke about the animals, that curiosity killed the cat, it would benefit you to learn from that. For many have died in the Service Of The Lord before their time, because they were curious in looking at, or being at a place where they should not be.

4. Do not interfere in the affairs of others.
God is in control and He never sleeps nor does He slumber. And He is not too weak to defend Himself and His Kingdom. So other than speaking out against Sin, Injustice and Cruelty, you should focus on praising God. And interceding in Prayer for all that is wrong within yourself and others.

5. Accept small irritations with good humor.
Because some of the greatest inventions in the world happened because of irritations. Since it has been said that Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions. Learn and understand: All that happen to you were meant to happen, and so laugh and praise God. Even for your mistakes, since they give you a chance to grow.

6. Do not dwell on the faults of others. 
And this one is even a Command or Ordinance from God: Take the beam out of your own eyes, and then you can see enough to remove the small specks in your brother's eye. Also remember, that you will never have the full story in any one's life other than your own. And it's kind of like seeing a fire 2 feet in front of you, and unless you have a Helicopter to go above it, you will never see the full extent of it. And so is God View Of All Things. 

7. Accept censures even if unmerited.
The more you are persecuted, the greater your glory will be, and the more crowns you will get from God on the day of recompense. And so be glad when you are being forced to keep quiet, or being put in check and you know you are right based upon the Word Of God. Again, God sees your heart and all that you are trying to do to honor Him. Your Spiritual Helper, James Dazouloute

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