5 Reasons To Go To The Best Schools In The World - Pt. 2 Of 2

3rd. Reason To Attend The Best Schools In The World: To have a professional high paying profession.
You have to contribute to Humanity, that is your purpose and duty, so you might as well get paid for it. And get paid greatly for your specialized skill, so this is why you must always first find out why you came down to Earth as a Spirit Being and what gift was given you by God so you could help Humanity just for this era, and sometimes you can still help them even after you have returned to Heaven by leaving behind your legacy, your words and your work through books, computers, painting etc... 

5 Reasons To Go To The Best Schools In The World - Pt. 1 Of 2 


4th. Reason: To become a great Alumni of a legendary school.
When you attend Higher Learning, you will be joining a great legacy, you will join other great people who have followed the same path as you have, and you will become part of the school alumni. And then you will take your place among the great ones, your work and money will contribute not only to that school greatness but also to the world that is really hungry for knowledge, your knowledge that is..

5th. Reason to attend the best schools in the world: To not have a wasted purpose - destiny and life.
How many times have you bumped into people in the street and you start listening to their stories of miseries, stories of financial lacks, stories of not knowing what to do, stories of mental sickness and unable to heal themselves, stories of how they hate their life because they have no status or they don't feel like they are contributing anything to the world. Why? Because they did not go to the best schools in the world. Because you will not hear a Medical Doctor who have attended the best schools, tell you that they don't feel like they are contributing to the world. Or hear a great Scientist tell you they feel like a nobody. So I hope that you are seeing how going to the best schools in the world will help you to feel alive, it will help you to live out your purpose fully along with reaching your destiny and live a full life of satisfaction knowing you are highly educated in a particular field and are contributing fully to the World. So Go To School, Better Yet, Go To The Best Schools In The World... James Dazouloute

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