3 Ways To Deal With Depression During A Disaster

Disaster Help... Is something you will be asking for, right after a natural disaster has blindsided you. And you will be stressed-out of your mind, you will be living in fear of the next round of disaster. And you will be in need of great help, because psychologically you are not able to cope with this Shock and Awe Event. But just how do you cope mentally with a disaster that has just wiped you out at all levels?.

Especially when a loved one has just died from this tragedy, and when all that you have worked so hard for, is now under water or under the earth or is all shattered into a million pieces. And even the place where you work, where you could make new money is also gone. And then there is your body that has just suffered cuts, bruises and even broken bones. So now how do you rise up above all this? Well today I intend to share with you the top 3 ways to get help from a disaster and to be able to deal with it mentally.

First top way to deal with a disaster mentally and not get depressed: Stop Saying I Can't.
Great challenges always call for great undertakings. And so you have to stand up and be counted when a disaster hits you so hard, that it even shakes you at the very core of your belief. You have to have in your mind: I Will Survive. I Am Bigger Than  This. I Am The Master Of My Life. I Can Create Anything I Want. And dear friend, if you live by the motto that all things that have a beginning, also have an end. And so this too shall pass. And yes you can: Rise up and begin again. Yes you can rebuild your life, yes you can  have a home again, yes you can be great again, yes you can be well physically once more.

Second top mental way to handle stress during a disaster: Don't Try To Control Everything.
Understand that you are not alone in the Universe. There are Powers That Be who are constantly watching over you, and just because this disaster came your way, it was not to punish you. It was part of a natural order of things that are circling the earth, and just like when it happened to those other people way way over there. So do what you can on your part. Meaning, go apply for help, go and get some money from your savings to begin rebuilding, go and get others to begin cleaning up, and go make your plans for another piece of property. And then you will see that things are being sent your way through other people. So don't try to control everything, because you can't. Just know that help is always around the corner, and you do not always have to see it.

Third disaster survival tip on how to deal with Depression: Do Not Make Emotional Decisions.
This is a time of pain, this is a time of sorrows, this is a time of great loss, and this is a time of great doubts. But through it all, do not make decisions because you are sad today, or because you feel hopeless for just a moment, or because it seems  that there is no way out. And remember that emotional decisions are always the wrong ones in any situation. But logical and well thought out decisions will be good for you for a lifetime. Emotional decisions will suck the life right out of you as it is compounding the problem. But smart decisions will be the great seeds of rebuilding your life, and will line up the Universe to come help you. 

And the best ways to also deal with a disaster mentally is to have prior planning. And that is because when you plan for the worst, only the best happen to you. Because no matter what may come, you already have a plan. And once you have a plan, all you will have to do is activate it. For example, if you already planned on where to go if your house is destroyed, then you will not sit there and cry, or feel hopeless, or be stressed beyond your human limit. All you will do is just get up and go. Or if your car is destroyed, but if you expected that this may happen and have obtained insurance for a disaster, then all you have to do is institute a claim. Because You must survive and live.  Your Helper, James Dazouloute

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